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Hook of Holland to Venice in September

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Hook of Holland to Venice in September

I am heading off on September 4th from Harwich to The Hook of Holland to cycle toward Venice- my trip length s indefinite as I am now without a flat or job in Edinburgh where I have lived for 4 years (by choice I might add in order to allow some more freedom on the open road).

I am cycling alone so anyone who will be in a similar area- a long the River Rhine, Main or Via Claudia Augusta Cycle Routes then get in touch. Suggestions for must see, must stop and must stay places to reside for the night would be very welcome indeed.

I am also wondering about the feasibility of wild camping on this route, any experience or knowledge on this would also be much appreciated.

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Germany/ River Main cycle route

As part of a longer Germany/ Austria tour earlier this year, I cycled part of the Main route with a German friend. The whole section from Aschaffenburg to Bamberg is very beautiful, easy cycling along mostly tarmacced cycle paths. I recommend finding a Winzerhof to try the locally produced white wine - it's very good and very cheap. We ended up carrying two bottles over the Alps! Also well worth taking time over is the city of Bamberg.
I asked my friend about the possiblility of wild camping before our trip - his response was that in Germany it's illegal and not so well tolerated as in the UK. We stayed in German youth hostels, which are generally slighlty cheaper and of higher quality than in the UK. Breakfast is always included, but unfortunately it's rare to find a self-catering kitchen.

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Route through the Netherlands

I'm not sure if you've already mapped out your route through the Netherlands? If not, I can recommend the 'Rijndeltaroute', or Rhine Delta Route, the Dutch part of the International Rhine Cycle Route. It'll take you through the Rhine basin in the Netherlands. Some of the sights along the way include the harbour and architecture of Rotterdam, the polders and windmills around Kinderdijk, National Park De Biesbosch, heavy shipping traffic on the Rhine as well as on the Meuse and Waal, fruit orchards in de Betuwe (with apples, pears, etc. ripe for the picking in September!) and the 'foothills' (well, 'footbumps') of the Veluwe and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Distance: ca. 250 km.

There is a booklet, but unfortunately it's available in Dutch only ( However, I can help you with info, if you need any. The Rijndeltaroute consists of several small parts of common LF-routes (or long-distance cycle routes), which means that it's well marked.

Wild camping is prohibited in the Netherlands.
I would not recommend it, unless you happen to stumble upon a safe but secluded spot somewhere off the beaten track. However, you will find plenty of campsites along the way. Dutch campsites are usually open from April 1st until October 1st. If you're on a small budget, try to pitch up your tent at farm campsites (look for the SVR/Vekabo flags). Always point out that you're a cyclist with a small tent, and you should pay no more than € 10 to € 15 per night.

You are not likely to pass by Breda, but feel free to contact us if you need a warm shower. :-)

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Thank you!

Well thank you both for your advice- you have both got it exactly right in terms of my route (which is confidence inspiring!) as I am first taking the Rhine and then the Main through Germany. I will be certain to find some locally produced wine and that is as I thought with the camping situation but just wanted to check.
O dear this is all getting very close to beginning- rather excited.
If I do take a diversion your way I will be sure to let you know!

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