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Finding accomodation and cyle routes in Kenya?

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Finding accomodation and cyle routes in Kenya?

my wife and I are planning a cycle holiday in August in Kenya. We have only one problem, we don't like to camp. Is it possible to visit the country and find enough accomodation within 'cycle range', let's say 80 km/day plus or minus 20 km? Who has suggestions for a trip, experiences with taking public transport or hitchhiking with two bicycles?
And is it possible to rent good bikes (or maybe buy and sell them) for 2 weeks, maybe somewhere in Great Rift Valley or in Nairobi?
We also consider to ride to Tanzania, passing Kilimanjaro and take transport back to Nairobi from Dar Es Salaam ...
Any ideas and info welcome!

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Just some quick thoughts based on a 2005 Malawi to Ethiopia tour.

Just about every village will have a "guest house" for low fares. They ain't the Ritz but they will be semi-secure, semi-clean, and the folks usually let you keep your bikes in the room. Usually bucked baths. They ain't the Ritz!

In some areas you will want to camp. It can be a brilliant and memmorable experience in some locations, especially if you have water access.

White folks mean money. There are lots of riding options. We once "hitched" through a rough spot on the way to Lake Turkana. Counting the two of us and our loaded bikes, there were 23 people on a Hilux sized, small truck. You may have to wait. Africa is place for waiting!

Out trip motto was that "in Africa, there are a thousand ways to die". We survived and had the best tour I have ever had, but you have to keep your eyes open and be pretty lucky!

All the best, Robert

email me directly if you want more detail, [email protected]

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