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Favorite bike shops? US

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Favorite bike shops? US

Hello fellow cyclists! I recently completed my first tour of 1500 miles, give or take and am getting pumped for the next one. I did hop on a geyhound through Alabama to my Florida destination. I got earfuls about the dangers of I10 and I was already 2 weeks behind schedule, so I took a ride. My first tour was somewhat planned but spontaneously executed, still loads of fun. I met some really cool people along the way and had work done at some awesome shops like "Outdoor Adventures Bikes and Hike" in Las Cruces, New Mexico, "Pedal Power" in San Marcos, TX, "Mellow Johny's" in Austin, Tx and finally "Brick City Bicycles" in Ocala, FL. I just have to say that each was amazing in their own way.

"Bike and Hike" was super knowledgable about bikes, gear and the local scene, very energetic and really friendly. Plus the kid who fixed my tire was a cutie and a half!

"Pedal Power" is thorough, fast and convieniently located right of the I35 access road. I walked in the door just before their close time and they were still really friendly!

"Mellow Johny's" is tied for my favorite with BCB because they have a coffee shop featuring locally made sammy's, showers, lockers, tons of gear and clothing and the staff is TOO awesome for words. Chuck pointed me to some excellent places to try the local beers and hooked me up with a cool favor..... he looked the other way when I "forgot" to clear out my locker for 2 nights (shhhh)!

"Brick City Bicycles" is the other one in 1st place.... yes, 2 can share first place.... I showed up (tired and cranky after greyhound lost my saddlebags and camping equipment) about 15 minutes before they opened and 2 employees rolled up on there racing bikes. Scott greeted me with a smile and before he even changed out of his riding gear and showered off, he had me fixed up and out the door with a smile on BOTH our faces. They had coffee and cookies from the nearby Starbuck's on the counter for the taking (not sure if that's an everyday thing or not). Also, while riding around the town this week I was knocked over by the careless and incompetent operator of a gas-guzzling SUV. blech.... I went back to BCB for an estimate and Scott had my ride all fixed up in just under an hour AND without having to replace my (apparently obsolete) biopace! Again, I left with a smile on my face! THANKS, SCOTT!!! The one thing BCB has over Mellow Johnny's is Scott! I think I may be crushing on him just a little.

ANYWAY...... Tell me about your favorite shops and why they're so awesome, and maybe I'll get to stop there on my next tour!


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I completed a 5,500 mile tour

I completed a 5,500 mile tour last summer. Some of the best shops that come to mind are:

Nebraska Cycle and Fitness 2416 13 th st Columbus,NE 402-564-8284
very friendly and helpful, did my repairs on the spot, told me he 86's the labor for touring bicyclist, and
great for local info.

The Bike Shop 32835 Temecula Parkway Temecula,CA 951-303-9477 New shop, Rick will have any part or . accessory you could need. Tell him the bike tourer w/ the homemade trailer (Oct 2010) sent you. Great
campground (USFS) about 5 miles east.

and of course all the others who helped me along my trip.

Peace. CEO

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Nebraska has a bike shop?

Nebraska has a bike shop? WOW. I've only ever driven through Nebraska and noticed all the Antique store signs. I'm sure NE has a lot to offer but I was left with a the impression that it's very boring and quite void of life other than crops. Guess I'll have to look again!

How was your ride through that state? Any cool scenery?

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nebraska is unfortunately great

i live in lincoln nebraska and i can't leave. I am a student at UNL and love this dang town, the husker fans get annoying but thats only unbearable a half a dozen saturdays during the school year anyway. The people of lincoln is what keeps everyone here. I like the midwest location because for me its perfectly between gorgeous minnesota and mountainfilled colorado.
But to respond to your question of cool bike shops, my favorite is the on i work at, ha not bias at all huh. I work at Monkey Wrench Cycles and am very proud to be one of only four employees, we are a pretty small shop. Our clientele is mostly commuters, cyclocrossers, and college hipsters.
My boss writes it best "We specialize in offering you the best possible mechanic services available" I red your post and do agree with your opinion of mellow j's. i just spent time in austin last weekend for NAHBS (North American Hand Built bike Show) which was a total blast. anyway im babbling, i just joined hot showers like 10 minutes ago and am loving it so far. But yeah come to lincoln and check out our cool ass town.

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I'll be sure to visit!

Sweet! Welcome to WarmShowers. I'm new to the site also. I joined days after my first tour. Lee Herman was my first host, before I even registered! I only found out about it because I was lucky enough to meet another cyclist on my way out of Silver City. Anyway.... babble on, I like reading.

Glad you enjoyed Mellow J's. Did you score any of those cool "ride your bike" stickers while you were there?

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