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Cycle Touring the Alps

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Cycle Touring the Alps

Im an American spending a few months touring Europe. I started in Barcelona and now I'm in Grenoble. I'd love to hear any route suggestions anyone might have for touring the Alps. I`d like to cycle some passes, Chamonix area for example, on my way to Switzerland and Bavaria, but I dont necessarily want to spend EVERY day climbing hills. Anyways, I welcome any suggestions and of course warmshowers, couches, and backyards along the way!


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Virtual alps on web

try for data and photos on all passes in greater europe
and Trento Bike pages for travel in Europe

I would try theseforom Switzerland,'' Bormio is a small city in Italy, very close to the Swiss border.
It lies at the foot of two of the greatest passes in the Alps, the Stelvio and the Gavia, and offers good access to several others.

To the right is a list of some of the places that are reachable in a day.
The map below shows the roads to the Stelvio and Gavia passes.

Going up slow but you see a lot
going is neat but see a lot less

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Why not taking the Rhône - Leman way ?

Hello Mike,

You are very welcome if you want to come to Genève (Geneva). :-)

To come to Switzerland from Grenoble, I would recommend to follow the "Rhône" River. Wonderful river, very interesting, quite calm and easy way. In some pieces of the way you will find the finished parts of the Rhone Velo-Route (a cycling lane project to join Leman Lake to Mediterranean sea) You will enter in Switzerland then by Genève and you could host here.
Both Leam lake and Rhône river are very beautiful, and this is the perfect season to travel in this area.
You could then follow the Rhône to the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Again, welcome to Switzerland, and do not hesitate to ask for more informations about whatever you may need.



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The italian option

I may suggest you an italian option. You may enter Italy via St Jean de Maurienne / Modane / Moncenisio (2000m high pass, it is wonderful) or via Briancon / Montgenevre (easier).
Then follow the Susa valley (stopping at Exilles fortress: and at the over 1000year old abbey Sacra di San Michele (
The Pianura Padana flat may offer you cities to visit (Turin, Milan, Verona) or you can easily shortcut to Garda Lake (by train), which is marvellous and then you may ride along the great bike path ( from Verona to Brenner pass (Austrian border).

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