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Biking in Norway - Scenic and popular routes

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Biking in Norway - Scenic and popular routes

Norway is becoming a more popular country for bikers. There are now several routes that caters to the biker's needs. It is also possible to combine boat and bike. You can buy special "coast passes" on a boatline in Nordland, that covers almost the whole Nordland coast, both ferries and express boats. You can also rent bikes. The most scenic route we have is "Islandhopping" in Helgeland between Brønnøysund and Bodø-Lofoten-Vesteraalen. One of our largest newspapers just had an article on this route. But there are others, and more challinging routes in fjord and mountain areas in West- and Northwest Norway. And more is coming all the time. A couple of useful links:

I can help find out more if you have questions.


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A few more tips

I'm going on a 6 weeks long trip in Norway this summer. I start my trip in Bodo (where I'll get by train from Oslo), where I want to catch a ferry to Moskenes on the Lofoten Islands. I want to cycle through all of them till Andoya and then take a ferry and go back to the south, to Stavanger. I chose the most beautiful routes and places and that's why my dream route counts over 4000 km instead of 2000:)

I have a few advices for you even though I haven't been there yet:) I think it's a great idea to choose smaller roads instead of the highways. They are longer and steeper, but there's almost no traffic and the views are stunning, as you're cycling around mountains, not under them in a tunnel. So I have some very useful links for you:
- a list of the most beautiful roads in Norway (national scenic routes). I'm planning to cycle them all apart from the northernmost and southernmost ones where I won't have time to ride. From what I've heard it's really worth cycling these roads: They may be a bit more challenging than the main roads, but that's what we're after - a bit of challenge and a loads of great views and memories!
- a wonderful website with loads of information about cycling in various countries, this is the link to their page about Norway:
- what is especially valuable, I'd say priceless, is their map of the Norwegian tunnels. As you may know, some of them are banned for cyclists and some of them are not. On this map you can see them all - where they are, if they're open for cyclists and if not - what way to goo. This is a real treasure!!!
- an official Norwegian page about cycling in Norway, also many interesting information and recommended routes:
- and of course the official Norwegian website for tourists. Here the information is a bit less detailed (especially for cyclists), but it's a good place to start searching, to have an overview - what to see, where to go, what to do. It's good to know that almost all the cities and regions have their local websites connected with this site and the link is usually "visit..."

I hope this helps - it helped me a lot!

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