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Australia and New Zealand

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Australia and New Zealand


Well it's done, I bought the fly ticket to Australia, on 16 of June, 6 monthes, and then New Zealand, 3 monthes.
A big change with my traditionnal South America tours, and my very little France.

In Australia I would like to follow from Sydney till North the bicentenal trail,
and then come back by the classic Darwin till Adelaide.

Also I dream to visit the Kakadu and Gregory National Parks, near Darwin. Not sure I will have time enough.

So I would like to know the adress where to buy the guide book about the Bicentenal trail in Sydney,
to read experiences about these tours,
and find some lodging or meeting along the way.

Thank's Pierre

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Bicentennial Trail

Hi Pierre,

you have a big adventure planned! Enjoy!

there is information on:

and also on:

I know of only one person who has used this trail, he did some horseriding along one area and said it was very beautiful, quite well marked (although this is relative!) and I don't think that he met many others while on the trail.
I hope this helps.
all the best,
Forster in AUS

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