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Advise on cycling through Croatia

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Advise on cycling through Croatia

Hello guys!

I'm planning a trip through Croatia and i'd like to ask you for advise in relation to:

-Language and communication with the local population (out of highly turistic areas)
-Difficulty of crossing mountainous areas
-Camping areas/ wild camping

I'm planning this as a solo trip so anyone interested on riding along is most welcome!

Thank you for you advise!


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Hello, I passed through

I passed through Croatia from north to south two years ago and can really recommend it. I did both wild camping and also visited a camp site (plenty of them along the coast). I crossed some mountainous areas without any particular difficulties, actually I liked the mountains the best. The inland valleys and mountains are much more attractive for biking than the coast, which is basically only one heavy trafficed road and loads of tourists (at least in summer time). People are very friendly and I often asked locals if it was ok to camp for example in a field. Or I found hidden places in olive yards or similar. Few people off the tourist track speak english, you may get along with german or italian at times, but with or without a common language, people are eager to understand.
All the best,

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Hello! Thank you! I've been


Thank you! I've been now I Croatia for about three weeks and I have been able to constatate the info you've given me. It is outstanding! Have you been to Serbia by chance? That is where I am heading now and I'm serching for similar information of that country.
Best regards,


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