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Cycling in Thailand Dec./Jan.

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Cycling in Thailand Dec./Jan.


I will fly to BKK in the first week of December and start cycling from Chumphon in the South around the 6th. I want to travel to the North, maybe Surat Thani and Issan. But if you have other or better plans I might adapt to them.

I can cycle up to 100 miles per day max. but will also enjoy (much) shorter day trips - especially in the tropical heat ;-)

I have cycled in Thailand many times before, also in Laos and Cambodia. I have to leave end of January.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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Cycling SE Asia

Cant make this trip but did BKK to Laos a few years ago and would like to know what other parts of Thai. are good for touring. Like the middle size roads. Also with my road bike (Bike Friday 20" tires) can I do Cambodia and Laos, Burma? or are the roads to bad. Thanks for help. Neil

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Hi Neil,

I cannot recommend Cambodia for cycling if you don't have a death wish. Some roads consist of only sand, pebbles, holes and big stones for up to 70 miles and you will have to breathe a lot of acrid lime dust meeting speeding SUVs that never heard of any traffic rules.

I saw many live accidents - no kidding - and was hit by a motorcycle in Pnom Penh, luckily my bike and I survived unharmed.

I recommend Laos, the most friendly people in all of Asia and the traffic is always slow and harmless.

Thailand is also very much OK for cycling with very good roads.

Good luck, Jörg.

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Hello Jorg I shall be flying

Hello Jorg
I shall be flying into Bangkok on 5th January and riding through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam before entering China and flying home from Beijing.
I have no planned route as yet.
I have been in touch with three other people who are all riding during January and/or February in Thailand and Laos.
Not sure who I will meet up with and ride with but would be good to meet and share some miles with you too if its possible.

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Hi Andy and whomever it might

Hi Andy and whomever it might concern,

Perhaps we can meet somewhere. The 5th of January is my birthday BTW. If you e-mail me your phone number (it must be a Thai SIM-card otherwise it's way too expensive to call or be called) I can contact you around that date. I will also be on the internet sometimes, I have a netbook with me.

I won't be going into BKK again but if you go to Laos maybe we could ride together for a few days and share rooms in guesthouses. Rough direction Korat, Surat Thani and Issan (border with Laos).

Hope to see you somewhere ...

Happy trails, Jörg.

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laos and south

Joerg und ver.
I'm crossing into Laos in the north, plan 1 month south to Angkor Wat, mostly along Mekong River. Should be in Vientiane maybe Jan 10-15 ??
Then part of rest of Cambodia and maybe fly over to India in Feb-Mar.

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Cycling plans

Hi James,

Sorry but I changed my plans. I've had some problems with my Thai lady so I had planned to go cycling on my own again. But now we have decided to stay together after all.

I'm at her home in Chumphon now, halfway between BKK and Malaysia and just do day trips. Laos is great for cycling, very calm traffic and the most friendly people in all of Asia IMHO. It's always a kind of challenge for cyclists because of its mountains, very beautiful. Watch out when going down fast! I wish you a great tour and hope you will find nice cycling companions.

Anyway, should you decide to go South, heading for Malaysia, you are very welcome here until the end of January.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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Thailand in February, Cambodia in March

Any more idea if your route Andy? I am going to begin cycling in Chaing Mai some time after Feb 5th. Message me if this would suit you.


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Hi Mari. Sounds good. I only

Hi Mari.
Sounds good.
I only have a few days left on my Thai visa though. I am heading up to Mae Sei to get another 15
days. Then heading to Laos and a boat down river to Luang Prabang and see from there.
If this siunds good to you rthen I wiuld be glad of some company if only for a short time.
It wont give u long in Thailand though.

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Riding Thailand

I found all the roads in Thailand to be great. Little traffic, wide and clean with plenty of places to eat or stay over. I tried the biggest highways and some small roads also, heading northwest from BKK to Laos. I havent ridden around Chang Mai, but outside the city it should be good. The police stations gave me good information and help regarding guest houses. I'm told the Buddist temples will give you a place to eat and sleep if there is nothing else. I had a map with English and Thai, and it was helpful. Let me know if you have other questions. Neil

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