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Atlantic Coast of Morocco

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Atlantic Coast of Morocco

I am still riveted by the idea of cycling the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Anybody have any experience at all with this?
Anyone interested in cycling with me?

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Hi Robin I'll be cycling that

Hi Robin

I'll be cycling that coast, from Tangiers to Senegal and Guiné-Bissau, on my world Tour, but only in April 2014.

H Cardoso

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Yep we have. It's is sublime

Yep we have. It's is sublime around december. God food, nice people, lot's of flowers and gently hills. Have a look at our impressions

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Images from Morocco

What a fabulous montage and the music was awesome! I want to ask so many questions. How long did this trip take? Did you ever feel like the people could be troublesome? I am a single woman and I'm not sure I want to do it alone. How did you return to Casa?
Thanks for your post. I hope to hear back from you.

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Hi Robin, Sorry I only saw

Hi Robin,

Sorry I only saw your question now. We traveled about 2,5 weeks. We have been 12 times in Morocco and we never found people troublesome. I think as a woman you shouldn't have problems when you take the normal precautions you do in every country. We know woamn wo travel alone in Morocco. In a very isolated place you could go wildcamping and there were more people are just simply ask a family if you can pitch your tent. I would say I am married and husband is following soon or something. We returned to Casa with the bus from Tiznit. Have fun!


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Hi Robin,I'm setting off

Hi Robin,

I'm setting off from the UK early November, across into France then following the Pilgrims way to Northern Spain, then down through Portugal to Morocco. Expect I'll spend Christmas there.

My plans are to follow the Atlantic Coast route then see if I can get into Mauritania.

As an aside, does anyone have any info on the visa situation in Mauritania?

Edit - think I have a colleague from lonely planet joining me... the more the merrier!!

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While in Morocco, you may

While in Morocco, you may arrange your visa for Mauritania by making a stop in Rabat. There is an embassy there.

Ask also for the political situation in the country.

There was a military coup last week.

Happy touring !

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Hi We just cycled this One

We just cycled this One week ago. There is only a problem, you have to hurry up, because they give you a visa in rabat for one month but it starts already 10 days after your apply. Its really far to the border. The other thing is to think about are the fiches (fotocopies for your passport and your profession) so you pass quicker the checkoints. In the westernsahara are some checkpoints but only by the cities. There aren t many so its easy, but carry enough water and food. Check also out if there are any holydays, because then also the petrolstations only sell petrol and no water. About the checkpoints in westsahara there are many like evry 50 km. You also can sleep there and if you don t show off before dark they come and pick you up. So enjoy the trip and maybe the wind helps you inchallah!!!

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Biking Morocco

Hi Robin,
Have you left already?
I biked through Morocco last winter, and I put a lot of my thoughts and photos on
I had a great time even though I seem to complain about a lot of things. It was a very cold winter; old people would tell me that they hadn't had such a cold winter in 40 years. So this winter should hopefully be back to "normal."
Now I'm in Italy, on my way to Tunisia to spend the winter there and then in the spring back up Italy toward Poland to spend the summer there. Kind of like migratory birds.
Anyway, good luck and let us know if you have a journal or blog.

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Hi all, You may need to

Hi all,

You may need to check what the US Embassy in Mauritania is writing:


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