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Route Suggestions - Chengdu, China

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Route Suggestions - Chengdu, China


I am working on planning a trip in Chengdu China. I am tentatively planning something along a route like this:,+china&daddr=danba,+china+to:Litang,+China+to:zhongdian,+china+to:Kunming,+china&hl=en&sll=27.907058,99.953613&sspn=0.011055,0.019698&geocode=FSnQ0wEdWOczBikhd0QAI8XvNjECDiQuzlKGuQ%3BFaQr1wEdSLoSBin9NSVOrknjNjGxG-Dh-DsyxA%3BFRG0yQEd-v75BSlVewfpfsIdNzE9l_riPh2KvA%3BFa-lqAEd1lDxBSlxqdjcd7QhNzH2S8wyx7hgDQ%3BFZkLfgEdmmofBinL0ycSw4PQNjE2Ck-YpPOxzA&vpsrc=0&dirflg=w&mra=ls&t=m&z=6

Anyone been in this area before? Suggestions would be much appreciated.
Other similar route options would be Qinghai Lake to Chengdu, but it sounds like the Tibetan Plateau on the route above will offer more challenging climbs and views.

Ideally the ride would have been Lhasa-Kathmandu but I don't want to deal with having a guide and he permit requirements for non-Chinese nationals in Tibet. If anyone has heard otherwise on the most recent rules please let me know!


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The china route

We did 3 months in China this year and did the Dali to Kunming.

After the route you're doing would find that last stretch a let down. 4-5 days of a non event.
At Lijiang you may want to consider heading East to Lugu LAke.

There is some stunning scenery in there.

China in general is a great trip

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Chengdu Routing

We found Peter Snow-Cao to be very helpful. We met with him at a tea house in Chengdu and he gave us a lot of information even though we weren't going to use his tour company. I still wish we could have done the tour with his group in 2010.
I definitely would recommend the western route that we did:

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