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Cycling in Asia

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Cycling in Asia

Hi All,

I have just registered as a host in the hope i can build up some 'good credit' should i need any of you folks in the future. (I know its not strickly needed but i watch "My name is Earl")

I am currently in the far North West of Australia so i guess tourers, as much as they will be welcomed, will be a little sparse.

I have just started to plan a trip for the middle of next year.
I am trying to find a route from Singapore to the middle of India.
Whilst i am reading through the excellent forums on here could anyone offer up any advice for an English guy travelling this route?

Currently i intend to fly to Singapore and ride from there. If you can offer any advice on the countries or routes it would be greatly appreciated:-

Myanmar (Burma)

India - travel through West Bengal, Orissa into Chhattisgarh.

thanks in advance
(Novice tourer)

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Hi Tony,

I've been cycling in Southern Asia many times. I liked Laos the best, the poorest people in the region but the most happy. Cambodia is quite a challenge with many bad roads, a lot of acrid dust and very bad and dangerous car drivers.

I'm in Thailand now for the fifth time and staying 3 months. Good roads, considerate drivers and friendly people. If you have enough money, get a Rohloff Speedhub and leakproof tyres like the Swallow Marathon Plus. I had both for 10 years now and never any mechanical trouble, only changing my chains and sometimes a sprocket. That investment will save you a lot of trouble and repay you in spades after thousands of miles ...

Be very careful in India. Good luck and happy trails,


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to Jörg

Hello. Could you please elaborate on your warning about India.

Biking through all of India?


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cycling in asia

Hi Tony,

some route outlines, stories and pics in asia:


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Hi :-) You can't cross the

Hi :-)
You can't cross the border between Thai and Birma on the bike.
You have to fly into Birma :/

Enjoy the rest ;-)

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If you're new to the touring may not have seen this site

India is a great place and a favourite. You love it or hate it


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I've never cycled in India

I've never cycled in India myself, I'm in Thailand now. But I've been there three times, all over the country and found the traffic very chaotic and dangerous, about as dangerous as Cambodia. I've only spent one day in Phnom Penh and seen a couple of live accidents and was hit by a motorbike although I'm a very cautious rider.

But YMMV as always. India has also become more and more overpopulated and sordid IMHO. I've been there two times for 3 months in 1982 and two months in 1993 and made the mistake to visit again some of the places I knew. I will never visit again.

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I'd disagree with riding in Cambodia. The cars/tractors/ox carts were more than accommodating as most traffic doesn't go faster than 50 km/hr anyway. Of course closer to cities this changes but the portions of route 5, 6 and 3 I was on were in really good condition and moderate to little traffic. Plus you can draft off of the tractors! I've heard the roads are worse in the northeast. The people in Cambodia were great. Phnom Penh is hectic but nothing compared to Ho Chi Minh or really any small town in Vietnam.

I just got done touring there in December 2011.

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Hi carrissap, I guess you

Hi carrissap,

I guess you have just been plain lucky. Just don't try your luck. I've seen many bad accidents happen right before my very eyes in Cambodia. In Phnom Phen there are no traffic rules whatsoever, although it's officially right hand traffic they will go every way they see fit to sneak into any street. I wish you good luck for the future.

I won't be back in Cambodia on my bike nevertheless. I'm 62 years old now and have seen my share of madness. Even if you don't agree about the hazards in C. - did you ever ride on a road that was being rebuilt? No asphalt, only stones and sand, deep potholes and fast 4-wheel cars speeding, hitting you with stones and breathing white burning dust?

You missed a great experience ;-)

I was hit by a crazy motorcycle pilot there and did come out of it unscathed because my reflexes are still spot-on and my bike is very strong. I won't try my luck there again, anyway. I loved Laos though, careful drivers and slow traffic plus the poorest but most happy people in Asia.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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Hello Tony, I from Thailand

Hello Tony,

I from Thailand and had cycling through Thailand, around Malasia last 2 years ago for 2 month,last year India from Delhi to North and West and for Myanmar I will start this comming March for 20 days by fly to Yangon then continue to the classic route by can send me your question if I can help will do.

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Hi There Pakorn - (and all others who have commented)

Looks like i am joining the ranks of wananbe tourers.

Unfortunateky my work commitments are getting in the way.
I had intended to finish this project with two months to spare before before being engaged in my next project at Bhilai, India. this would have allowed some time to cycle from Singapore to India (dodging Burma)

Unfortunately this project is late and the next one is early :(

Once i get settled in India i will change my warmshowers address from this Australia one to my new Indian one.


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Since your new to touring a couple more resources are:
They have a free ebook on starting touring.
Some general information
A free magazine about cycle touring

A book I like when starting was:

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