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Panama to Quito

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Panama to Quito

I'm planning on tour Panama to Quito. Start 20. Oktober this fall. Per sailing boat from Puerto Lindo over San Blas to Cartagena. Very casual riding, no more than 50 miles per day, economy lodgings, maybe camping. The focus is on enjoying nature and the people. If you're interested to accompany me, also segments, let me know. I have time up to 4 months. Direction to north also possible ;-)

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Join the 'Panam Riders'

Join the 'Panam Riders' Google group & you'll get lots of information about boats to Colombia & routes across Colombia.

Best wishes

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Panama to Quito

Push up!!

Nobody feel like to do that?
Be lion-hearted, I don`t bite ;-))

saludos Ute

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I would like to join you but i dont have time.You already found a boat? how much it will cost?

greetings heinz

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Panama to Quito

Hello Heinz,

there is an amount of boats which sail to Cartagena. They cost all the same, more or less about 450 dollars, for 5 days with stop over on San Blas Islands, food included.

I will arrive in Panama City 21.10.11 and will choose a boat in Puerto LIndo.

regards Ue

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dont they run a boat from

dont they run a boat from Colon to cartagena anymore ? that took only about 20 hours and cost 100 US dollars 15 yrs ago.
on way back I went to Turbo in Colombia, speedboat ( was cheap then ) to Acandi and onto Capurgana, Colombia.From there another speedboat to Sapzurro near the Panama border.Then I paid an old guy with a dug out canoe to take me around the headland to Puerto Obaldia in Panama.Thats a journey I will never forget.Other travellers took their chances on the short jungle path.From Obaldia there were 6 seater planes ( that took my bike ) to Panama City for about 50 US dollars. Or a boat one a week north thru San Blas Islands.
this info is 15 yrs old but maybe it gives u some ideas,
good luck
fly over the jungle - its like looking down on brocoli , with even patches of purple sprouting ;-)

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