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bike shopping in berlin

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bike shopping in berlin

we are two female tourers planning to cycle from berlin to munster in mid september. we have been put off taking our tour bikes by the packaging restrictions enforced by airlines, and have decided to purchase bikes in berlin. can anyone offer advice about a shop/individual where we could pick up two touring bikes, not necessarily new, but good condition? advice or suggestions welcome.

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Go to the bike rental shop at

Go to the bike rental shop at any main train station. Sometimes they will sell older rental bikes at a fair price. Good luck.


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A good bike shop in Berlin

I bought my Cannondale MT-3000 tandem in Berlin at the Bike Market and got a great discount. I still have it and am very happy with it. You can look them up here, they have 3 different shops in Berlin I guess:

I modified it for the long haul with a Rohloff speedhub and comfortable Dutch Lepper saddles and rode about 10.000 miles on it so far and it never let me down.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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Bikes in Berlin

Hi, recently I had the pleasure of hosting list member Stefan Korshak. He is an American reporter based in Kiev. He did the same thing, ie. went to Berlin and purchased a bike and then rode back to Ukraine. He highly recommended both the bike and the bike shop on the following review.

If you look him up on this list, I am sure he would be glad to answer any questions.

The stock bike he had would need a front rack. Also, if you have a favorite saddle and pedals, I'd would use them on the bike.

I made some slight repairs to his bike. Just the usual cable tightening. The wheels held up well considering he had all his weight on the back wheel and was riding on cobblestones at times. All in all, for 700 Euros, it looks like a good deal.

Robert Mink
Jary Poland via Spokane, USA

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bikes in berlin

thanks for your suggestions, will check out websites as recommended. It's still a pity that the airlines weren't a bit more 'bike friendly'

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