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Southern Tier 2021 February-ish to April-ish.

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Southern Tier 2021 February-ish to April-ish.

Hello! My name is Anthony, I'm a Firefighter from Buffalo, NY planning to ride the ACA Southern Tier Route this Feb/March/April. I have the latest map set and plan to ride 60-80 miles per day and tent camp as much as possible. Fully self-sustained, but I have a credit card and will not hesitate to use it. Specific departure date is still flexible between mid February to early March. Currently considering riding West to East but still researching weather and daylight hours, so open to East-West. Ride with me for any or all of it, I love meeting new people and making new friendships.

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Same Plan

Hey Anthony,

I've got the same plan, but monitoring restrictions in California re: lodging/camping, etc. I'm down for a discussion about meeting up on the ST. 

Best / George (Madison, Wisconsin) 

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I just finished a big portion


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the ACA route is not all it is cracked up to be. Because of Covid in California I decided to start in Phoenix and ride south to I 10 and follow that all the way to the 190 in Texas . It's cold in the mountains of New Mexico and the shoulder on the 10 is awesome