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Cycling in Denmark

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Cycling in Denmark

Hi everybody. I plan to go cycling three weeks around Denmark in late July and August this year. I could use some advice on your past experience if you have been there (gear, weather, must sees). Denmark will be the real focus but I am thinking I might cross into Sweden too just for the sake of it. I wouldn't be spending more than three or four days there, so I would stay around the Malmö region. Is it worthwile? Thanks a lot.

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Hi Frederic

Denmark is in general a very flat country, only a few big hills (jutland), so i think it is possible to ride the whole country singlespeed if you want that. if you cross to sweden or norway theres a lot more hills. but you really dont need a lot of gears on your bike.
Around denmark especially by the sea there is a lot of camp sites a lot of them free, so a tent is a must.

Danish people are used to bicycles and there is a lot of bikelanes and routes all over the country, and i think you can find informations about this on (maybe its it english or try googletranslate)

Must sees: Copenhagen, Skagen, The west coast, the southern of the funen(fyn), and maybe Bornholm.

I dont know about Malmø i would take the ferry from frederikshavn(dk) to gøteborg(sweden) and then ride to helsingør(dk) its beautiful and takes around 3-4 days in a slow speed.

Have a good trip, and i hope i helped a little.

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I don't remember if I replied to your mail, but in any case, thanks again. It sounds real nice, we are flying there tomorrow ant will be cycling straight from the airport!
Enjoy the summer season !

Kind regards

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