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From Europe around this planet!

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From Europe around this planet!


I used to cycle a bit previously, up to six months straight, mostly in South-East Asia, Japan and South Korea and have done about 30.000km.

I am planning to turn it into full time trip around this planet and I'd like to make it really inspiring and interesting, choosing mountainous, difficult, beautiful routes, not being afraid of cold countries in the winter, go through Africa which has been scaring me for some reason most of my life and generally keep it challenging, interesting and inspiring. Hike mountains, participate in voluntary and other work to learn and experience new things and stay away from boredom. I'm passionate about video making too and I'm going to do vlogging along with videos about people met on the way. To prove how great life is and how beautiful people are! I am also interested in spiritual practices and traditions so that will be part of my focus .

Yet as far as I am self sufficient, got all gear and stuff I'd really like to share that experience with somebody else, who is interested in long term trip or some part of it (some particular continent or stretch?).

I'm 32, happy and open-minded, I also try to keep my diet vegan - I don't mind others diet but that might be a concern for some people.
I'd like to start from Europe and go towards Asia. Details about route can be discussed as I'm open-minded and flexible, but wouldn't like to plan too much in the same time. 

Please drop me a message if you'd be interested! 


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towards asia


Hey Mister

your idea interests me, I have a few more years, but I have a young spirit. I was walking along the Silk Road but near tehran I had to go back to Italy for some bureaucratic problems. I would love to ride in China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan ... a hug Marcello

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Hi there inspiring

Hi there inspiring indeed . When do you plan to do it ?

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soon're interested?

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I am but for next year..good

I am but for next year..good luck mate im sure you will enjoy

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Hi Dear, quite interesting proposal!

hi dear

your proposal seems quite similar to what i'm thinking since a while...

already something specific planned??
i 'd like to join at some point and to do of my life a cycling trip as well

let me know


just i'm not for the vegan part, hope you'll understand!

rikta Monica

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Interested in cycling for 2 weeks max

Hi! I'm planning in cycling next spring somewhere for 2 weeks snd would be great to have company. Any concrete plans so far?

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Hi Przemek, where are you

Hi Przemek, where are you starting from? Are you going past Spain by any chance? This is my point of departure and the only point in my plan so far.

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Similar plans

Hi Przemek,

Myself and a few others are planning a similar endeavour beginning around June or July this year. We are going to be heading as far east as possible, wild camping most nights and braving the winter - possibly in the Caucasus. Would be interesting to cross paths.

Best regards,


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Where in the world is Przemec? ^^

Very interesting plan, I’m willing to join forces, but...any updates?

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