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Eurovelo 6 - guidebooks / maps

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Eurovelo 6 - guidebooks / maps

My partner, me and our one-year old son are planning to ride Eurovelo 6 from the Black Sea to the Atlantic in spring, 2019.

While we will download electronic maps, I'd prefer to leave the gadgets in my bags and just use hard copies.

Just wondering what people thing about?

* do you need maps or guides at all or is it fairly self-explanatory if you ask locals?

* if you recommend a map, which one?

- I've found at least two - the Esterbauer bikeline guides and ( and Cicerone guides (  The second appeals a bit more as it's a lot more compact.




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When touring in the USA, I order a state map for each area I will be passing through.  Because of space and weight, I then mark my route on each map and trim it with a sizzors for 20 miles on either side.  This is a great overall view and then I use my phone or Garmin GPS for my mile by mile maps.  I tend to do a lot of mountain areas and I get twisted around, so this really helps.  But everybody does it their own way.  Find something comfortable and adjust as you go.

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We just completed Munich to

We just completed Munich to Budapest and used the Cicerone book.  It was helpful, but heavy.  We saw others using the esterbauer maps and they looked more compact.  The route is mostly well signed.  We also used Google Maps in Germany and Austria.  

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Cheers Ken, that's very

Cheers Ken, that's very helpful.  The Esterbauer books looked bigger to me, looking online.  When you say "Esterbauer maps", are there separate maps to the guidebooks they do?  I'd ideally just like a set of basic maps, with enough detail to avoid heavy traffic, to travel with and a guidebook to plan the eastern sections, which seem to have less in the way of cycle structure.  By the sounds of it, from Vienna on (heading west) you pretty much wouldn't need maps!

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