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Budapest - How to stop and have a rest

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Budapest - How to stop and have a rest

Hello beautiful people!

We are Paolo and Ulla, as our trip continues we have more questions :)
We started in Estonia, where we lived and are now going to Italy and France.
We are at the moment crossing the border in Hungary from Slovakia and starting to plan a resting stop in Budapest, from the 10th, this Friday, for 5 nights or so.
We looking on various websites and prices are high, 50/80 euro a night.
Do you know of any alternative, trick, local solution, a friend looking to sublet a room for a few days.
All help is much appreciated,
Thanks a lot

If you want to have a look at what we are doing you can check our instagram account 

All the best

Paolo and Ulla

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AirBnB has much cheaper

AirBnB has much cheaper options than what you are quoting.

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Room in Budapest

Hey Paul,

Can you be a bit more helpful, maybe you have found some better examples, I would appreciate.


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I searched Budapest, glanced

I searched Budapest, glanced down the list and saw numerous results within the $20-$35 range - if none of those were available for your dates or other requirements I apologise, I wasn't sure it was an option you had explored (tbh it's not entirely clear why you wouldn't go the hospex route, or were all options there exhausted also?).

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I guess, it is just the wrong

I guess, it is just the wrong week. There is one of biggest European festivals and prices are they say 300% higher.

Anyway, we stopped by the countryside and will probably just ask to be hosted for1 or 2 nights. We were quite tired and looked for a place to rest. We found a nice camping. I prefer camping anyway.

Have you been in thisthe area of Europe?

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No I haven't, would love to

No I haven't, would love to visit one day.

WRT hosts - many hosts in cities are accustomed to having guests for multiple nights (3 or 4 nights is pretty standard for us) I'm not sure if you don't feel right about it but you'll never know unless you ask.

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Actually Paul you gotnthe

Actually Paul you gotnthe point. Yes, never asked for more than 1 night and actually often feels so short because youndon't really have time to "connect".

It is my 2 longer tour and we are slowly realizing thateople, like yo say in your profile, do it to find ways to socialize and hear new stories and exchange some others.

I definitely would lovento stay more days. On the other hand you see, I am Italian and my social side is quete developed, but my partner is Estonian and her lone-wolf side is very developed :)

Life is all about balance

Still looking for it though ;)

I will consider your suggestion and see what happens


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Budapest also has a few campsites, if that is an option for you.

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Yes, we checked and it is

Yes, we checked and it is actually cool. Unfortunately I don't feel very comfortable leaing the bikes and all gear just locked near the tent and go away several hours.

What donyou think? I guess it is many people's problem...

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If there is a Big festival thé campground will be full and very noisy ( lot of alccol too ) 


Not a good idea for rest 

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Well said Marie, precisely

Well said Marie, precisely what we want to avoid.

We had so many bad night in thenlast month with drunk people in campings and campsites.

Definitely will avoid.


P.s. we are restong 150km away from Budapest :) in a very quite old german people camping, and very happy of it!

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