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5 days around phoenix

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5 days around phoenix

Hello! I have five days to kill in the Phoenix area in late May and I was looking to do a bike trip starting in Chandler, AZ, and ending at any airport (open to an out-and-back). I can fly out of any airport, as long as I can get a flight to SF.

Does anyone have tips for where to go/what route to take? I'm looking for a roughly 300-mile trip, and could either start or finish with a train ride if the desired airport is a bit out of reach.

Las vegas
El Paso (including train)
a loop ending in Tucson
a loop ending in Flagstaff

Thanks all!

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Lots of possibilities!

From Chandler, you could do a loop south to Tucson, head east, and then loop back on the Southern Tier route through Globe and Thatcher.

From Chandler, it's about a 4 day ride to Flagstaff. I would start in Flag and cycle south, and downhill, back to Phx. When I did it (in January with snow on the ground), I went from Flagstaff to Cottonwood (wild camped), over Jerome to Prescott Valley (campground), to Cordes Junction (campground) and then into Phx. I think this would be more interesting a route than in through Peyson.

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