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Buy bike in Argentina vs. bring bike from Europe to Argentina

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Buy bike in Argentina vs. bring bike from Europe to Argentina

Hi all.

We are planning to bike a few months from Argentina (Buenos Aires) to Peru (Lima).
One idea is to bring our bikes from Europe to Argentina. The other idea is to buy a (used) bike in Argentina and sell it in Peru. This might not be the best solution.

What would you in general advise? (Buying vs. bringing the bikes)
Does anyone have experience with buying a bike in Buenos Aires? What is a good sales shop?

Thanks in advance.

Jessica and Stefan

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Buying manufactured goods in

Buying manufactured goods in Argentina is generally going to cost you an arm and a leg, take a look at what the locals do - they are prepared to cross international borders en masse to avoid shopping in their own country (right now Chile is the go to destination, and that old favourite, Miami) or just watch what happens when the duty free shop opens on the buquebus crossing to and from Uruguay. If you asked an Argentine they would tell you 'buy the damned bikes in your country and here is a list of things me, my family and my neighbour need'

With that out of the way, I guess you will have to do the math on what works out cheaper in terms of money and effort expended - packing/unpacking bikes, excess baggage, risk of damage, transport to and from the airport or buying here but keep in mind that while the resale market is similarly overpriced in Argentina you will probably take a hit selling in Peru where manufactured goods tend to be cheaper.

Check out mercadolibre to get an idea of range and price and get the calculator out:


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bike in Argentina

I Met a guy in France recently. He was from Argentina and wanted biking in France and Spain. He said he bought a bike in France and after his trip, return in Argentina with the bike because it is difficult to have a good bike there. But it is necessary to introduce a bike which was already used.

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In not BA, so maybe Montevideo?

Hi Paul,
Your comment gives me a partial answer to a question I would post myself. I am preparing myself for a trip Montevideo – BA – Iguazu F – Asuncion, and thinking of buying a bike either in M or BA. BA has dropped off, but what about M ? Do you know anything about chances to buy a simply, cheap bike in Montevideo?

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"Do you know anything about

"Do you know anything about chances to buy a simply, cheap bike in Montevideo?"

Montevideo also has high prices for anything quality. And there isn't much of a selection in the shops. My wife and I started a whole South American trip from Montevideo, and we visited local bike shops to buy some spares and see what was available, but everything is very focused on the urban cyclist market. Bike shop staff explained that there is almost no demand in the country for anything touring-related.

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buying bike in Argentina

I have no experience of buying bikes in Argentina but I have travelled to several continents with my own bike on various airlines. I am flying to Chile in January with my own bike. There are some airlines that will give you a 30kg luggage allowance. I find that this is just enough to transport my bike in one container (bag or box) and my panniers in another cheap travel bag. With my 7kg cabin allowance I get my tent in as well. My handlebar bag goes with me on board as my handbag. I wear my helmet on board as my hat.

Flying to Central Asia last year, China Southern allowed me 2 bags of 23kg each. LAN Chile has given me the same allowance for my January flight. I can't possibly use all of that 46kg allowance. Yes, you have to dismantle your bike to some extent to get it into the bag or box. But this is only a minor inconvenience to be able to ride a bike with which you are familiar and which has been set up for you.

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Buy or bring bike

Hi all. Thank you very much for your valuable input. That's great ;)

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simply, cheap bike in Montevideo

Urban bike? I dont mind… I haver made a g- search “Bicicleta montevideo” and got several addresses of bike shops in M. , photos show interiors with different types of bikes. Have to find some price samples.

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mercadolibre is your friend -
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Yes, but I don’t speak Spanish, and would not have time to run around the town and check offers. See also a new tread “Montevideo”

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That's why I gave you the

That's why I gave you the link to mercadolibre - check the range and prices there, never said anything about speaking Spanish or going around town to check offers.

As for the market, it's fun and worth a visit but you would have to be pretty desperate to attempt to fish out some sort of bike to go on tour with from there.

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I have experience of using

I have experience of using second hand markets . The listed prices usually reflect the sellers wishful thinking... :-)

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Did you even click on the

Did you even click on the link? How much hand holding do you require?

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How much hand holding do you require?

A signal from someone with a good local knowledge telling where to go to find bicycles , new or used, ca 100 USD…

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