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Bike mechanic in georgia batumi or tibilisi

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Bike mechanic in georgia batumi or tibilisi

Hi everybody, does anyone have experience with bike shops in georgia?
I will be in batumi and tibilisi and i am looking for a shop that can make my weels true again.
Can you recomend something?

Thanks you a lot!

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Hi, My information is from


My information is from 2009 when we rode from Bangkok to Paris, so it could be getting out of date. There is a highly skilled mechanic in Tibilisi whose name is Xvicha Gavasheli. We mentioned him to someone (via CGOAB) who also located him in 2012. He worked magic on wheels, allowing them to continue their tour.

You need to find your way to the nearly derelict velodrome (velotreki) in Tibilisi, and ask for him. In many former Soviet countries, people connected to the world of cycling seem to congregate at these old tracks.

Look at our blog post to see him working on our bikes as he does complete drive-train changes. We had planned ahead for this and had parts shipped to a hotel by UPS.

Hope this is helpful,

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