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Weather in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama in Nov - Dec good for cycling?

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Weather in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama in Nov - Dec good for cycling?

Dear all,

I am exploring the possibility of cycling through the The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route ( ) from north to south starting Early Nov through Mid Dec. Cities that I plan to pass through include Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, Columbus and Mobile.

Due to other engagement, I would not be able to start any earlier but I am also aware that this might be the time moving towards winter. Would anyone have any insights concerning the weather situation during the period (Early Nov - Mid Dec) regarding:

- Weather (day and night)
- Wind (direction, strength as I will be cycling from North to South)
- Rainfall
- General comments on whether suitable for cycling and occasional camping

Really appreciate your most generous sharing!


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The weather will be bad, you will have a good deal of rain and may have snow as well. Depends on how much suffering you are willing to endure, but you could pick better places to visit at that time of year.

Best of luck, Ben

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underground railroad

The weather in Ohio and Kentucky will likely be miserable. Cold, grey, rainy and/or snowy. Not recommended. Autumn is the best time; milder temperatures and less rain. Wind is usually out of the west, usually pretty tame. Summer is hot and humid. Spring is usually very wet, but lush and beautiful. Only January and February is worse than your proposed time.

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Dear Ben and Mary,

Great thanks for your generous replies. I guess I will need to re-think about my plan given the vast opposition received from you guys LOL. Really appreciate if you could provide your opinions regarding any good alternatives in the US during Nov - Dec, at a total distance of around 1500mi: I am really into looking at the rural / cultural / historical side of the US instead of pure scenic areas =)

On a second thought, I am also exploring to take the Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida sessions of the Southern Tier ( ) Any ideas about this plan (weather, places to highlight etc) ?


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winter bicycing west of the Mississippi

I bicycled all last winter including a variation of the southern tier. I rode in the southern states from the Mississippi River to San Diego changing from the ACA route as it suited me.

Wikipedia has great climate information for almost every community. ACA, Wikipedia, Google maps and Ride With GPS are your friends for information and routes.

In December/January Texas and LA weather was mostly comfortable in the 40 to 70 range. Some rain, some snow. Higher elevations such as between Del Rio and Van Horn TX expect cooler temperatures sometimes. I experienced snow in Alpine, TX, 4475 feet elevation, in late January, but also glorious weather.

The taller mountains in west Texas may have snow at higher elevations. They can be avoided by staying on Route 90.

The temperatures in southern Arizona were into the high 80s by early February.

Louisiana: I liked going way south on route 82 instead of the ACA route. I crossed into TX at Port Arthur and wound my way to San Antonio and picked up the ACA route near Brackettville. I avoided the hill country west of San Antonio and the west Texas mountains by staying on US Route 90 to Van Horn.

Went much farther south than the ACA route in NM (route 9) going through Columbus NM, Rodeo, AZ, to Douglas, AZ and north to Tuscon and west to San Diego on interstate 10.

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