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Pacific Coast in mid-April 2015

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Pacific Coast in mid-April 2015

Hi there, we are an older Australian couple planning to tour the Pacific Coast of the US in mid April 2015. Is it best to start in Vancouver and go south or start in San Diego (with a side trip south to Tihuana) and head north. I'd love some advice from those of you who've ridden it at that time of year.

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PCH in Spring

Hi, I live in San Francisco and have made the ride to and from Los Angeles many times. I strongly recommend that go north to south for the following reasons:
The prevailing winds along the coast are from the NorthWest. And there can be regular strong on-shore coast winds at that time of the year, especially in the afternoons.
You are frequently sharing the road with automobile traffic. The route north to south has you traveling at the edge of the raod by the ocean, instead of against the edge of a mountain where you have no "safe space".
I find the views are more compelling, seeing the ocean edge and all the sea life from you bike.
Its a wonderful ride. You are in for a fun treat.

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Pacific Coast in April

Yes, definately keep the sea on right (travel southward). IMHO brief visit south of border over rated. Weather can be bit cool and wet in Northwest early but wind situ and being on surfside of highway trumps weather.

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CA Coast

Prevailing winds and views are better if you are heading south! Have you ridden the Great Ocean Road? When I was in Oz and rode it, it reminded me a lot of the California Coast!

Stop on by as you pass through Los Angeles and take some time to go out kayaking with us!

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Traveling West Coast

I believe that everyone is in north to south. Based on the times that I have biked this route, I would suggest just rigging a bed sheet between the two bikes and sail all the way to San Diego.

One other item that I wanted to share is that traveling BEFORE Memorial Day (typically the last weekend of May) may present a challenge as many establishments (restaurants and motels) are closed during the off season. I biked the California coast the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May and many places were closed until Memorial Day.

Also, Mid-May is a wonderful time to enjoy the wild flowers that flourish along the coast. Maybe someone can weigh in on what is in bloom in April.

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Pacific Coast in mid-April 2015

Thanks guys that's so helpful. Yes we will be there before Memorial Day but we have a tent and will be cooking our own food. but its great to know anyway. Yes we have cycled the Great Ocean Road and toured around Australia quite a bit so really looking fwd to the US. Might take you up on the Kayaking Ken, sounds great!!!

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If you ever decide to tour Canada, I would be glad to host you two.

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Pacific Coast

I will agree on the wind statement. We have had many, many people stay at our house going both north and south. We've also had people that have done both San Francisco to Los Angeles and LA to SF. By far the most common statement is that they will stick to north to south in the future.

Once you hit the Cal side of riding, closures aren't as much of a problem except in the tiny towns.

When you need a place between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, give us a holler! Happy travels.

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Pacific Coast

Thanks for that- wondering why roads would be closed?
yes will holler loudly i'm sure. see you in May.

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If you wait until mid june to start, the weather will be a lot nicer. Nearly all state parks have hiker biker camp sites. Some of them will not open before memorial day. I rode north once in march and april, mistake. The other 3 times I went south.

Find out when the rose festival is in Portland OR. The rain cycle in the pacific NW ends on the monday after rose fest

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