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Through Denmark in July 2015.

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Through Denmark in July 2015.

Hello there!
My boyfriend and I will cycle through Denmark this summer and we would definitely appreciate some tips about the country (the must-see cycling sites, or anything else we need to know). We're also looking for places to set up our tent at the end of the day, of course, but since we don't really know where we're going so far...
Thank you for your answers, and keep cycling,

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We went a few years ago.
I remember the extensive bike network, all numbered. Every church has a clean toilet always open. And coffee was half price at 11am. And of course the pastries !

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Your travel

Hi Juliette

So og The must butifull and offend Nice to bike rods in Denmark is The marguerites route,

You Can allso find Meny links and god advises her:

If you know witch part of Denmark you go to. I Can find more lokal info for you.

Denmark is very Nice and safe, except A few areas in Copenhagen.


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Hi I live in the Capital

I live in the Capital region in Denmark. Im going on my own tour in july. I´m planning on biking from my home to Helsingør( Helsingoer) and from there to sweden there i follow the coast to Varberg or to Göteborg and sailling from there to the North of Jutland and from there follow the ancient road Hærvejen down throug jutland. The ancient road is a part of the old pilgrimroute.
There is a lot af national biking paths in Denmark that you can follow, and if you go into a tourist information you can get some maps. Its not a problem to camp in Denmark, and there is allways a campsite in the near, but it can be a bit expensive. There is all so a lot of free primitive campsites in Denmark, but they can be dificult to find, and the best way to find them is to buy a book there they all are listet, but i think the book is only available in Danish.
If you need some help finding information then you decide where to go you are welcome to send me a mail to me on [email protected] , and i will try to find some information for you.


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I am soon going to Denmark

I am soon going to Denmark myself, while doing some research I found this,

"Overnatning i det fri"

A book with 1000 small places to camp at a cost less than 30 DKK/night.

Have not tried myself, but looks promising.

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