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Do you have internet?

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Do you have internet?

This is a question that I get asked all the time. I DO have internet. But because I am so rural, I can only get satellite internet. It sucks, it's slow, and it's limited, and it's damn expensive. So I have it password protected. I barely get enough data to do daily emails, and banking, heaven forbid streaming, or you tube or facetime or instagram get the picture.
Cyclists arrive. I greet them and usually that's the first question I get asked "do you have internet?" and I tell them exactly what I just wrote. Sometimes I get a really pissed off grimace from them. But then I see them suck it up, and by golly....gasp, they fire up their own data. Traveling cyclists most all have some smartphone plan that has data. I am not in charge of whether or not they can get a signal on THEIR carrier here.
Rant over.

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Editing your profile could

Editing your profile could help problems with cyclists.
"I have not internet.... and do not take my tools before asking"

In old world we don't have these kind of problems :)

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I try to be optimistic and

I try to be optimistic and hope that most guests have good manners (and the majority do)..I don't want to post a lot of "do this, do that" type instructions..
I guess mostly, by my postings this morning, that I just wanted to vent to a group where there are common experiences and interests.
But you are right...I could put in my profile that I have tools to use, please ask first. Same thing about the internet..
And yes, life WAS simple in old world...!

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internet access limitations

I would agree with Rolf, adding a simple " sorry internet access is not available due to current limitations of technology" you are not the bad guy and they know what to expect before arriving.

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I wound up getting wifi simply because that was the first question I got from so many guests. Unlike you, living in town means I have a relatively steady cable connection (except this morning when it was down, again).

It may be helpful to add, as suggested, a little something to your profile.


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