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Some guests make themselves too much at home....and other thoughts...

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Some guests make themselves too much at home....and other thoughts...

I certainly want WS guests to be comfortable here. I've built a cabin for them, flush toilet, sink, hot water, hot outside shower. A covered deck, complete with power that they can charge their devices. For sleeping, there are 4 options...They can pitch their tent anywhere on the property. They can put their tent under the covered deck, to avoid rain or morning dew. They can sleep on the bunks in the cabin. Or they can sleep in a tiny but comfortable camper by the deck.
When they arrive, I show them their space...give them the spiel about water is great to drink from faucet, do they need to do laundry? And then I generally leave them alone for an hour or so, to let them have some time to acclimate from being on the road to having a social brain (if they want). Usually that's when I tell them approximately what time dinner will be served. I do everything possible to not ask them the top 20 questions that they hear on the road...
In terms of accommodations, cyclists here have pretty much what they need and more, it's clean and I've made it just theirs...

Yesterday, cyclist arrived...went through the above greeting and then later from afar I noticed he's meandering about in my shed..which is nearby the cyclist area. That shed is where I keep *my* bikes and all my bike tools. I politely asked him if he was looking for something and he said yes, a hacksaw to fix a tent splice, also he said he looked for electrical tape to fix handlebar tape, but couldn't find any. This conversation all the while, he's using my shop pump that he took out of shed and helped himself to. Is it just me, or is it creepy when someone is so bold to just snoop around and help themselves to your things? This has happened more than I like, mostly with males, not so much with females...
Yes, the shed/shop door is open, because I keep it open during daylight.
Personally, because I make my living using tools and I have good quality tools, and am a bit paranoid of tools "walking off". Yes, I've had cyclists take things, and that is so disheartening. (I have an interesting story about one particular item that "walked off", but I recovered it, if anyone wants to hear it.)
What would you do? If I put up a notice on entrance to shed, do I say "Keep Out" or "ask before entering"? But then the less than honest ones, would just dishonor and help themselves anyway.

I will put another post about a couple of other topics that I'd like some feedback for...

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Stay out

I was going to suggest a somewhat more strongly worded version of "Stay Out" but opted not to. ;-)

You are correct, however, in that those so inclined will simply ignore the sign, intentionally or otherwise. Still, better to have the sign to point to than not have the sign and assume they have the good manners to ask first.


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We all have boudaries in our

We all have boudaries in our houses, but they might not necessarily be so obvious to our guests. I probably have more problems with guests being too cautious and asking all the time - I know I'm always happy to get up in the morning and find that my guests have made themselves at home in the kitchen and have prepared tea, coffee etc. Still, in attempting to put myself in the shoes of your guest, I just can't ever imagine myself being so blasé about a host's property.

I'd just make it a part of your welcome to my house speech when guests arrive. Let them know that you have a well stocked toolshed and if they need anything just to come and ask you first.

...and yes, I want to hear the story of the item that grew legs but found its way home.

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Let them know how you'd like to handle it

I agree to Paul: I would make it a part of the 'welcome speech'. Let them know in a friendly, easy way, what things you like to be asked for and what things are ok to use/do without asking. Also if it comes to a situation that you don't feel comfortable with: let the people know in a polite way, that it is not ok for you what they did and that you would appreciated to be asked before. So they know it and have the chance to consider it at the next host's place.

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"make yourself at home"

that was the solo house rule I had until recently when while 3 young men were staying with me pointed out that I had a 2nd house rule " you must sign my guest book before leaving"
So I added that to my profile.
In 5 years hosting I have not regretted having that simple rule. I tell them post dinner if they want something more to eat to help themselves to whatever. One young man recently served himself a big helping of leftover shepherd's pie from supper cold at 11 pm! He got the message and helped himself. I am glad he did.
I do not have a plethora of tools and they are not in plain sight, but if someone needed a tool I would point them to my tool closet and let them pick out whatever they needed to do their repair. And I would trust them to return to the tool when done.

Pedal safe

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