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ZAGREB part availability and Croatia in General

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ZAGREB part availability and Croatia in General

Hi, I'm Eddie, starting a Croatia cycle trip tomorrow with my girl-friend Laura. We're from the USA.

First, I'm looking for a Tubus LM - 1 clamp, website . Can anyone suggest a good bike shop in Zagreb which could order or might stock such a part? Is Decathlon good for such a thing? I need a clamp to attach my water bottle cage to my handlebar stem, the hose clamps I'm using aren't quite perfect for the job :)

I'm also looking for a good bike map of Croatia, should such a thing exist.

Second, we're cycling around Croatia, starting and ending in Zagreb. We'd like to visit the coast. Any route suggestions?

And questions:

What is the situation, truly, with wild camping in Croatia? If one makes camp and dusk and leaves at dawn, are there any real issues with camping in the forest near a bike route?

Where are there real land mine dangers? (A good thing to keep in mind when cycle camping)

Is it truly necessary to register with the police when you come to Croatia? Does one ever truly have to register with the police?

Online one would be led to believe that it's necessary to get police permission to go anywhere in Croatia, but no one I've talked to who has visited has ever had to do this...

Any advice appreciated.



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ZAGREB part availability and Croatia in General

Hi Eddie,

Just a short answer, I don't have much time.

For the bike shops - Here you can find bike shops in Zagreb:

I can recommend you some where you can check if they have this part of equipment :
In city center:
Peleton – Biciklistički centar [email protected]
Markoprojekt (shop+servis)
Keindl Sport
Specialized Concept Store

I was only once in Decathlon, looking for mountaineering equipment. So I dont know how are they doing with bike parts.

There is no bike map for Croatia. I recommend you to buy road map (usually Croatia+Slovenia+Bosnia) You can find it at any gas station. Here you can find bike map, but only for Zagreb area. Scroll to the last one for complete Zagreb area map

Here is for Karlovac county but I didn't find download link. You can get maps at Turist office. Also for Zagreb in Zg office.

Wild camping - officialy forbidden, in practice it's ok. As long as you choose your place wisely. Avoid public places, central beaches...

There are some areas still covered with mines,
detailed map here - choose ''accept conditions'' + ''public access''
If you see signs, stay away. I've been hiking, canooing and bike riding everywhere in Croatia. I saw warning signs at few places, Just don't go there :-)
It's not like mines are everywhere. Dont worry.

This police registration thing is something I hear for the first time. If you have valid passport you are free to go wherever you want.
I had more than 10 cyclists at my place, none of them registered anything at the police.

For the route, this one is fine
Low traffic. Once you arrive at the coast, you are close (east) to island Krk and later Cres (hilly roads), Losinj, or you can go west to Pag, or from Zadar take ferry to island Ugljan, cycle to island Pasman and take ferry from Biograd to mainland. And to continue further south east.
Main road by the seaside is very prety, but with heavy traffic.
So i suggest you to use islands as much as possible.

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