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Urgent!: travel buddy wanted!!

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Urgent!: travel buddy wanted!!

Hello all you pedalswingers!;)

I currently do a tour in central Italy. I should arrive near monte argentario on Saturday. After this I don't know: maybe cycling up the western Italian coast a little bit or even taking a train to bergamo and cycle to Barcelona (my initial plan was to go from Germany to Barcelona and visit a friend at the Spanish coast on the way - the plan got spoilt by the ugly weather in the alps). So as u see- everything open ;-)

One thing is for sure though: I found out the last days:TRAVELLING SOLO - not for me. i find it sad to not share impressions,laughter and I would much prefer it if somebody joined me!!

In case you are also cruising around here in Italy or you are interested in a trip from bergamo to Barcelona (or part of it) response ASAP and let me know!!i would be sooo joyful.

Many gratings from Umbria,