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Transit from Georgia to Kazakhstan through Dagestan and Chechenya?

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Transit from Georgia to Kazakhstan through Dagestan and Chechenya?

Hi guys,

I am actually wondering what route is the best bet to cycle from Tbilisi to Astrakhan border town to Kazakhstan.
I figured two routes but the more southern one which supposed to be the main road leads through Dagestan and Chechenya, might be a bit tricky by bike?
The northern one leads after Vladikavkaz through the territory of Stavropol which looks more promising.

Anyone did this recently or planning to do so soon?

Any suggestions?

greets from Georgia

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You won't be allowed to cycle

You won't be allowed to cycle through Dagestan or Chechnya. There are many police roadblocks, you'd be picked up immediately and put on a bus or train out of the region, probably after a very wearying interrogation. (This is what has happened to a number of my friends in the hitchhiking community.) The Russian state does not want independent travellers there.

The other route through Vladikavkaz to Stavropol might be feasible, but even there I would expect some level of police harrassment.

Why do you want to enter Kazakhstan at Astrakhan instead of going to Azerbaijan and taking the Caspian sea ferry? Cycle tourists typically want to enter Kazakhstan at Aktau, because then they can dip into Uzbekistan for some of their route east and thus avoid exceeding the permitted 30-day stay in Kazakhstan.

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Hi if everything works well i


if everything works well i get a double entry visa for Kazakhstan for 30 day each entry and would leave the country to Kyrgyzstan in between.
2400 km from Russia to Bishkek is doable.

But thanks for your advice anyway I opt to go north from Vladikavkaz and will see how it works out.

I have the ferry option still in my mind just read its not that much reliable. Th thing is always to know all possibilities to have the choice for continuing the journey.

Same for the way to Mongolia.

First idea was to apply in Astana for another Russian visa to enter Mongolia from Altai region. Now I figured there is another border cross from china to Mongolia close to Kazakhstan. means I can apply for chinese visa in Kazakhstan or Bishkek and still have the option to go back to Kazakhstan for the Russian option. And even I do not get any visa in Kazakhstan I can again leave to Kyrgyzstan with 60 days free entry to search for other possibilities.


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