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Yuma, Arizona(U.S.)- new hosts....

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Yuma, Arizona(U.S.)- new hosts....

Retired couple- long time residents- in Yuma, Arizona. We have been active 'CouchSurfing' hosts and have,so far, had nothing but positive experiences. We just learned of WarmShowers from a recent guest- Christina Waiss of New Jersey- cycling from East to West Coast. We have always offered dinner to the arrivals and have never had one turn down cool drinks while relaxing before dinner; and not one has turned down a full breakfast before leaving.
With WarmShowers, we realize that S/W Arizona is entering its warm season- with May being consistently in the 90 degree range; and during June, July and August- every day will be at least 100 degrees; so we don't expect to have and cyclist along Interstate 8; Except for our guest Christina Waiss(WS and CS member), who did a 100 mile day Thursday on a 100 degree day. We just wanted to introduce ourselves- in case someone might be planning a trip along Interstate 8 this year......just sayin
Michael & Myra Fisher