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Tour of California 2015 Professional Bike Race

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Tour of California 2015 Professional Bike Race

We are planning a "non-cycling" trip to California in May to follow the 10th Annual Amgen Tour of California. Looking for any tips ... advice ... suggestions ... from other riders that have had the opportunity to experience this professional bike race. This is an event that was on our "bucket list"!

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Tour of California 2015 Professional Bike Race

I have volunteered and seen the bike race. The 2 are not the same. (Never raise you hand if you want to SEE the race).

Make sure you know the exact route they will take. Being a bit off means watching from a distance.
Pick a good place to watch at. If you like mountains the summits are fun. I like small towns that have conveniences. Coffee shops and restaurants. (My pick).

I have tried to race from a a midpoint to the finish to find that I cannot park nearby or the finish line is far far away due to crowds at the finish line who have been there for hours. So maybe one good site unless they make a large U in the stage.

Always mingle and have FUN!
Chandler (who still has his eyeball burning yellow volunteer T shirt)

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