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Routes east out of Cleveland, OH?

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Routes east out of Cleveland, OH?

Hey there yall,

I've heard from a few different folks who have ridden east out of Cleveland toward Erie, PA, and some have described some insane climbs as you pass through the edge of the adirondacks. Others say they can't remember any particularly difficult climbs. I live in a pretty hilly area, but rumor has it that these climbs are straight up rather than zig-zaging up the side of the mountains like they do here in the western US, so folks often find them difficult.

What I want to know, what's the best route to take from someone who has done it before? Is there more than one popular route heading toward Erie from Cleveland, and one happens to have more climbs? Or are these cyclists taking the same route and some happen to be more in shape? Hah!

Either way is fine, though it might effect how far I choose to go on a particular day.

In case this question seems ridiculous in the age of technology, let it be known that I'm terrible at the internet, don't have a smart phone, and my computer is too old to have an up to date browser that can see those nifty elevation profiles on google maps. Oh geez...