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Hi everybody

I am graphic designer/developer and I am touring for 4 years around the world. I always shared my experiences on my website ( where I use a Googlemap where you can see where I am and other details. After having several travelers who asked me to do the same kind of map for them, I just created

It's free, you can create your map and then share the URL to your friends and family. One other goal is also to meet other travelers if you see them on the map, going in your direction for example. If you are traveling with a GPS (SPOT) you can also connect it to the website and update your position automatically.

It is a beta version, or even alpha as there are bugs, no mobile version to update the map and no app either. I am working on it every time I have the chance. I'm all ears if you have any questions, suggestions or want to help.

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Great idea... I'll sign up

Great idea... I'll sign up

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I love it!

I think it's fantastic - super simple, straightforward.

We've been thinking about a feature related to this that would be integrated into the Warmshowers ecosystem - HTML5 geolocation like you have for the web, but auto-updates using the Android app at least.

It would be great for multiple reasons - travelers on bike could find each other, hosts could see where their guests were.

Nicely done - if you ever end up with any time to collaborate on a feature like that for Warmshowers I'd love to talk!

-Randy Fay Webmaster

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Hi Randy Thank you for your

Hi Randy

Thank you for your comment it's really nice to ear :)
What you describe was exactly my idea, plus the sharable map for friends and family and the GPS thing (so useful when you have no smartphone or local chip).

Right now I am cycling around Colombia and will be traveling for a year about, but we can definitely see what we can do together when I have some "free time".

Can you send me an email at alexandre dot perrachon at gmail dot com so we can stay in touch ?
My skype is "aperrachon".