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Can Buy Touring Cycle in Xian, China?

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Can Buy Touring Cycle in Xian, China?

Hello! :) I am cycling the Silk Road from Xian, China to Istanbul, Turkey over 6 months. This is my first official 'tour'. I'm a 5'3'' (160cm) female and looking for a touring cycle preferably under 500USD to buy in Xian, China. Could you name any stores in the area of links to websites?

PS I'm not picky. Just want something that will last 6 months. :) You can email if that's easier: [email protected]

Many thanks in advance!!! :)


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I've never been to Xi'an, but I've been reading a few forums about the Silk Road route and apparently there is a fairly new Giant shop outside the city walls. Giant's are usually the most reliably good quality bike to buy in China (although watch out for fakes). I can't find the address as I can't read mandarin, but the Chinese page of the Giant Bike website ( should have a listing of recommended sellers. There is also a company called Xacd which makes top level titanium bike frames for major brands in Xi'an (, but I doubt they would sell a completed bike.

However, from what I remember last time I was in China, 'branded' bikes such as Giants are quite expensive and rarely available second hand and local 'unbranded' ones are usually very poor quality. I would strongly suggest looking for a suitable bike in your own hometown and bringing it with you or having it shipped there if thats not convenient.

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Thanks, Philip! Just found a

Thanks, Philip! Just found a nice used touring cycle on Craigs List in Tokyo for about 400USD including multi-purpose tool, spare tires, wires, new marathon tires, etc. So am going with that!! Thanks for all your advice again!

Happy adventures!

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