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Pacific Coast Tour 2015

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Pacific Coast Tour 2015

The day is fast approaching next week when we load our trusty Vivente Anatolia touring bikes on an aeroplane and head to Vancouver Canada to begin our tour of the Pacific Coast. We are so excited and have organised a Warm Showers host for our first couple of nights in Vancouver and plan to stay mainly at the hiker/biker sites in the camping grounds.
Any hints and offers of advice will be appreciated and we hope to meet up with WH hosts along the way.

We have spent the past 2 weeks doing a warm up tour around Tasmania which was fabulous. The weather was perfect and only a couple of days with strong headwinds. We recommend Tasmania as a great touring destination. Its easy and there are lots of free camping available. Have a look at Nick's blog if you are interested
Nick and Therese

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Pacific Coast 2015

I was surprised when I did this route early in the spring and found many places notes on the Adventuring Cycling maps closed. Their closure was due to the fact that their business is tourism and tourism along the California coast does not get underway until Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May).

Also, call ahead when planning on staying at California state parks because some are closed due to budget constraints. These comments should not deter you, only help you as you plan a surprise-free trip. The Pacific Coast is an awesome bike ride and I am sure that you will enjoy it.

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Pacific Coast

Thanks David its great to get advice such as this

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Central California Coast

From Big Sur to Santa Barbara, most of the parks and campgrounds are open. With the exception of Guadalupe which I'm told doesn't show closed, which it always is. If you have any questions from about San Francisco to Los Angeles, I would be happy to try to answer.


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Long Beach

Stop on over if you get as far south as Long Beach!

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