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New profile affects hosting

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New profile affects hosting

I live on the southern tier and am the only host in my area. In January I started getting 4 or 5 request per week. I prefer to host about once per week so I thought it over and changed my profile at the end of January and haven't had a request since . I think one who has hosted might appreciate my words but others might feel it as competition which is probably a turn off to many cyclists.
I'm looking for some opinions of my new profile .

"In 1998 my wife and I and four sons (ages 11-17) rode from Arizona to Canada. Since then I have done several 1 to 3 week tours. I hope someday to tour for several months.
I have hosted nearly a hundred cyclists at my home in Globe and I have been a Warm Showers guests a dozen or so times. I have had great experiences on the giving and receiving ends of hosting and host because I enjoy the company of touring cyclists and like the opportunity to pay-back and pay-forward for the help I receive on my adventures.

I expect our guests to keep us informed of their arrival time as best they can. Plan on having dinner and breakfast with us unless you tell me otherwise. We got tired of washing sheets for cyclists so plan on using your sleeping bag on top of the bed cover. We're out of town a lot so not always available to host.

When contacting me, briefly tell about yourself and your tour, and make sure your W.S. profile is updated and provides information about yourself.
When we joined Warm Showers there were 1,000 members world wide. Now there are nearly 60,000 and we get as many as 5 requests per week. So if you have read this far let me know you have read my profile and you'll make me more comfortable about hosting you."

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New profile affects hosting

Hi Larry,

I think that is a nice profile.
I'm not a native english speaker, but to me the post seems to have a slight untertone of you being neved by guests, and no one wants to stay with someone who is nerved by a guest.

If that is not your intention, I would

- replace "I expect our guests to keep us informed of their arrival" by "Please keep us informed of your arrival",
- replace "We got tired of washing sheets for cyclists so plan on using your sleeping bag" by "Please use your sleeping bag".

The idea with having a little hint at the end that guests should quote is OK, I think guests should really read profiles. I always do.

Actually, bringing your sleeping bag might be a show-stopper for some. I tend to travel without camping gear sometimes. So, if you are willing to accept these guests too, you could write "Please use your own sleeping bag. If you don't have one, we can provide you with the sheets and linen you can put on your bedding. Please put them and the towels into the washing machine prior to leaving." or someting like that. But it's perfectly fine not to offer that, it filters out some guests, and still saves time. :)

Greetings from Sydney,

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I'd say its more of a

I'd say its more of a coincidence than anything - in my experience most potential guests only lightly skim profiles if they read them at all. You've had 30 requests over the past year so that's only a little over 1 every 2 weeks - I'd let a month or two pass before drawing any conclusions.

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Thanks for your reply. I've

Thanks for your reply. I've actually had way more than 30 requests in the past year. Many guests just phone me (which I'm ok with).

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Your profile is fine. It is to the point and lays out your expectations.

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New profile affects hosting

Hi Larry
I think that your revised version is fine and would certainlty not be put off by the wording if ever I was wanting to stay in AZ again. I agree with previous writer about the "Please use your sleeping bag etc"

Keep well
p.s. my only experience of staying with WS hosts was in AZ, when I cycled down in the desert by the border near Bisbee ; small world

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I like the revisions suggested by Klaus. Otherwise I find nothing wrong with what you've said, especially the bit about using a sleeping bag. Spot on. There is a long, interesting discussion on here about that. I posed the question and basically the idea got shot down. No matter, I still think it's thoughtful thing to do, after getting permission from the host.

Obviously, if you continue to have a shortage of request, you'll need to make your profile more 'inviting.'

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Clear Expectations

I don't see a problem with your revised profile, but it's possible that the wording about washing sheets can be interpreted as less than welcoming (even slightly confrontational), and the "plan on having dinner and breakfast" phrasing doesn't leave much room for options, either. Potential guests may read these and think, "Woah...maybe a control thanks!" A little wordsmithing might make it much more inviting: "We don't have a spare set of sheets for the guest bed, so you'll have to use your bedroll/sleeping bag, but the bed is comfy..." and "We'd love to have you join us for dinner and breakfast unless your schedule dictates otherwise."

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profile wording

at the beginning of my profile, I write "read all the way". I talk about routes, and my expectation of guests, etc.
I'm not so concerned with a lot of advance notice, I realize that when biking, stuff happens and your schedule can go kaplooey. BUT keep me in the loop. I personally do not like cyclists arriving in the dark. I am trying to wind my day down by then, and to deal with an arriving cyclist is not fun for me. Maybe for another host, not so big a deal.
We all have our likes and dislikes.
Before we built the sleep shack, I used to have a lot of cyclists in the guest room and some would offer to just put their sleeping bag on the bed covers, and while I was resisting the urge to wretch, I would tell them politely to just go ahead and enjoy the bed, because, regardless of what they did..I washed everything, everytime. (it's gross to me, to imagine a motel or BnB to have bed linens that have been slept on) Also, in my mind, I was thinking "oh pleeeeze, I KNOW how stinky your sleeping bag is and I certainly don't want that smell or funk on my linens"
I have hundreds of cyclists a year. I have been hosting for 15 yrs. now. I've had a few negative experiences, so few that to talk about them clouds the positive memories I have, so when asked by guests, that's exactly what I say.
BUT, because I have so many, I have been able to refine my initial greeting and dialogue and can quickly impart to guests what is expected and what is not tolerated...of course, sometimes I am surprised at the ingenuity of things that come up.
I do this because I want to. It is for the most part, an extremely positive part of my life. My world has gotten so much bigger because of my guests.
But then, occasionally I get a guest like I recently had, who makes a comment in such a tone, that she thinks WS is all about a "free place to stay" and she obviously doesn't realize that most hosts go out of their way to provide a port in the storm...sometimes literally.

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