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Advice on pannier bags for the long haul.

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Advice on pannier bags for the long haul.

Hello everybody!

I'm just looking for some advice on pannier bags. I'm planning to ride from London to Istanbul and maybe further starting sometime towards the end of April. I currently have Axiom Typhoon Aero Deluxe Pannier Bags and was wondering if people had any opinions on whether these are up to the task? Obviously Ortliebs are well regarded so should I consider these?

Anyway, I'm just looking for some advice and any will be welcomed.



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Ortliebs! Most cyclists I

Ortliebs! Most cyclists I have met on the road use them and swear by them.

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Hey Kyle

I went with Jandd Panniers. After 4 years and 15,000 miles of severe abuse they have remained watertight throughout my adventures, the bright yellow and blue colors have not faded, and none of the straps or clasps have broken. I scrub them down once a year and that is that.

For me the bright colors are important because I want to be seen while on some of the crappy roads I encounter. I get complements from drivers for visibility, too.

I know I sound like a commercial but my panniers were one of the best investments I've ever made.

Have a great ride.

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you also have to consider spare parts if somethings broke ...

and with Oertlib, it is quite easy ... you could find VW spare part all around the world ... but not Royls Royce nor bently nor maseratti !

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Hi Kyle,I use Ortleibs but I

Hi Kyle,

I use Ortleibs but I also bought a pair of these at Biltima in Denmark recently. I think they are comparable to Ortleibs. But at about €67 a pair they are much cheaper.

Biltema is a bit like Halfords but with much better gear.

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Weak Link is the Rear Wheel

The Round the World unsupported record was held recently, by Julian Sayarer, a London bike courier. He gave a lecture at the Eureka Cyclists Cafe, Cheshire, arriving on his bike with rear panniers and spokes pulling through the rear rim. This happened repeatedly through his ride, or the spokes broke first. . Get a rear wheel with as many spokes as possible, preferably with two crossed spokes on the gear side for each direct spoke on the opposite side. Then they might not be over tensioned! .

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