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Hi,this is Mina a 16-year-old girl from Iran who live in Bardaskan fact I have had some guest and didn't have any problem it was really nice experience.but a cyclist from france when camed to my town the police didn't allow me at all to take that french man to my home.I'm just so sorry for any thing that french man had changed his route due me just to come to my town for meeting me .I told the police tht I have invited him but they didn't accept me.I was so ashamed of this bad problem in front of my guest just I was allowed to take him to a restaurant to have lunch with each other not more.Any way police told me I have to have a permision paper from the other countries just to be allowed for invitting cyclists to my place for one night just.
What shall I do? Really I love hostting travellers to my place and just don't really know what to do with police.

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Don't be sorry, Mina

Hi Mina,

I don't think that you need to apologise Mina. You clearly have very goodwill and I think that cyclists will still appreciate the interest that you have in welcoming them to Iran. I hear it is a wonderful country and I hope to travel there one day. If I do, I'll do my best to come to meet you and your family.

All the best,


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Hi, Wow .thank you so much

Wow .thank you so much for your comment you made me really suprised.hope to see you soon dear Anna.:-)

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Do you still live with your parents?
Being a 16 years old girl in a Muslim country ruled by the Koran and inviting a single man , especially from abroad, for an overnight stay…. I think the police was nice to you.

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Thank you for your useful advice .that's right he was single but I don't invite foreigners in a wrong fact I have 3 ends of doing this which include getting help from them for writting an asay regarding cyclists around the world also the other purpose of mine is communicating with them just to be good at english .....we 4 are very intrested in having them as's a very nice experience ...these are my main ends of it.
So thx again for your comment.:-)

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Hi Mina

I certainly had similar thoughts to Piotras when I first read your post. In my time in Iran I never saw this situation arise (I was not using WS but I was frequently invited spontaneously to stay in people's homes). Have you thought about talking about this with your parents and seeing what they think of explaining the situation to the police or some other authority?

Perhaps you could also contact other WS members in Iran to see if they have had similar experiences, there are at least a couple who appear regularly on the forum, just type Iran in the search box or do a member search.

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hi thanks for your comment.yes infact for the first time that I invited 3 women from Australia and otrish there was no problem but after 2 monthes that this french cyclist camed to my town police told me I am not to host him to my house .I was very disapointed due this matter.i WISH i knew about this low before least I could let that french man sooner .....but ....I also know that in miyaneh city the hosts aren't allowed to invite cyclists/tourists to their place......but I didn't know that this would be as a low in my town too.hope chris I mean that french man read these messaged and see that it wasn't really my fault and I didn't want this happen for him.

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