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Russian visa

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Russian visa

Hi folks,

I am planning to cycle to Russia and planning ahead: There is the visa issue!
I still have three month to cycle through Greece, Turkey and Georgia but are already in that issue.

Now the big question: How to get the visa and where?
Any recommendations, where there is the bet to apply?
On my way there are a few consulates, so in Antalya, Trabzon, Tbilisi and if everything goes wrong I do a detour even to Baku.

The thing is just, a three month tourist visa is worthless for Russia. I am planning to go round Kazakhstan, then through it and have to return to Russia for Mongolia, means at least 3 month double entry would do the trick.

Just read that an agency could do all the paper work and takes about 2 weeks, faster costs more.

Every idea about that helps a lot

thanks and cheers

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Russian visa

Hi Sven,

send your passport home....

Cheers Heike

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