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USA Desert SW Solo Tour

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USA Desert SW Solo Tour

In the words of Bachman Turner Overdrive, “I love to work at nothin’ all day”. 2015 marks my fourth cross-country ride since retirement. I terminated a 4,600 mile Pacific NW ride last year in San Luis Obispo, CA where my daughter lives which enabled me to store my gear. I’m starting up again in March for my USA Desert SW Solo Bicycle Tour, 4,000 miles of magnificent scenery all the way home to Iowa which takes in badass places such as Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.

All hearty souls are welcome to jump on for a day or two, or longer. This Youtube Video, “Bicycle Touring - Takin’ Care of Business” should inspire you a bit to get moving for your own tour. They are random shots of past places and Warmshowers hosts encountered along the road.

If you are thinking about a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway, here’s another Youtube from a portion of last year’s tour,
“Hwy 101 Posse.”

See you out there,
Jack Day