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Advice needed on routes through Morocco

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Advice needed on routes through Morocco

Hi, I will be travelling through Morocco next month and I need some advice to choose the best route to get from Rabat to Tiznit. I have three options in mind, if you have any knowledge of this area and its roads, please tell me what you think:

Option A: From Rabat to Beni Mellal on the R401, then take the national road to Marrakesh, then go to Asni and up the Tizi-n-Test via the R203, continue to Taroudant and from there to Tiznit. Seems to be the safest option in terms of traffic density, but I'm worried about going up all those mountains and the Tizi-n-Test in winter.

Option B: From Rabat to Casablanca and El Jadida on the national road, then follow the coast through Oualidia, Safi and Essaouira, take the national again to Agadir and Tiznit. I've been told that traffic can be heavy and dangerous for cyclists, yet this is the flattest, easiest option.

Option C: Something shorter and intermediate, taking the national 9 road to Berrechid, Settat and Ben Guerir. From there, either take the regional road to Youssoufiya and Chichaoua and then the national to Agadir, or continue to Marrakech and go up the Tizi-n-Test.

I will appreciate any comments and especially all the constructive criticism that you can give me.



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Hi, Ivan! On my trip across

Hi, Ivan!
On my trip across Sahara in feb/march 2011 I took the 1. option and I enjoyed it a lot as there was very low traffic and the landscapes are really something not to miss...
Actually I don't really know exactly which roads I took till Marakesh, cause there are many and I just followed the general direction switching to less trafficked roads...From Marakesh on there's just 1 road over the pass I think...
When I started in Rabat late February it was quite cold already in the plains (around 8...) even colder than my place (Slovenia) at that time. But I managed it by putting on all the clothes I had. I like to travel light so I didn't take much...
Going up the Tizi-n-Test was no problem, but take some warm gloves and protection for your feet! Cause it's a long descent, but then once over the pass it's another weather...Sahara...

Hope this will help you and have a nice ride!


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I cycled from Casablanca to

I cycled from Casablanca to Essaouira (option B) in November. There wasn't really that traffic, while traffic was much worse on mountain (less roads and very slow heavy trucks). It's quite boring until El Jadida, while around Safi and Essaouira the landscape is more interesting, but nothing compared to Atlas (but I didn't cross through the Tizi-n-Test). That pass, I read, should be quite dangerous (bad road conditions), but it's just an information I got from the web, not my experience.
If you go for the option A, be aware that in winter you can find snow (or, at least, ice) on mountain: I spent the night at 2.400m once and there was freezing temperature.
There have been a lot of floods in November 2014 and many roads were litterally washed away (one was the N9 between Marrakech and Ouarzazate): check the availability of any road in the south before getting struck in a dead end.
About cities: Marrakech is in the top2 of Morocco (the other one is Fes), but Essaouira too is very nice. Marrakech is much more crowded and would take a little bit to be visited, while Essaouira can be just a short rest between cycling days.

Have a nice trip.


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Routes in Morocco

We cycled there last year in january february. We started from Marakesh, we climbed Tiz'in test (2200m), it was very dry and wearher was nice. We continued to Quarzazate and to Dades Gordes, through Imchil to Fez. We climbed to 3000m, 2 days no village and full of snow, we walked on the muds and snow. But it was really great, I definitely suggest it.

Warm regards,good luck.
Başak Bulut
ps:If you pass through İStanbul, stop by our touring bicycle shop:)you are welcome.

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