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El Centro to Tucson, AZ

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El Centro to Tucson, AZ

Hi there!
We are planning our cross country trip starting next month out of San Diego... we are using the Southern Tier Adventure Cycling Association maps, but are thinking of going "off-route" at El Centro, AZ and heading for Tucson. Seems to be possibly tough to get there by bike-- looks like the only road is the interstate. Anyone know anything about this? Can we bike on Rte 8 across AZ? Has anyone done this?
We are hoping to bypass Phoenix and hit Tucson instead.

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Yes, while you can bike on

Yes, while you can bike on I-8 for most of the ride, you would need/should to exit the interstate near Tucson. However, please note there are lots of opportunity to ride along the frontage roads in several places so the actual time on the interstate would be guessing about 50% or less.

Another option, if you have a passport, is to go from San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico near Yuma to Lukeville, AZ via MEX-2. The AZ-85 & AZ-86 to Tucson.

Best wishes on a great ride!

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Most likely no problem on I-8(AZ) as long as you exit at urban areas and return when thru said areas. I-10, to my understanding, is a no no, as there is a parallel hwy Phx to Tucson. The general rule is 'if there is no reasonable alternative.' The worst that'll happen is you'll be told to leave the interstate at the next exit.

California seems to be more picky about interstate riding.

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Riding Interstate system in Arizona

You can ride on the shoulders of most of the interstate system in Arizona. You can check the AZ DPS/DOT website for details.

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San Diego to Tucson

My wife and I are planning to ride from San Diego to Tucson, beginning January 13th, looking for camping options and warm showers or motels , if necessary. Wondering when you plan to go, and any other feedback you might have regarding the route. Thanks for your time,David

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