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Siberian & Mongolian Winter

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Siberian & Mongolian Winter

Hi guys!!

Im about to set out on a huge part of my Around 7 Continents Adventure (, cycling through the winter in Kazakstan, Siberia, Mongolia and China.

I think I will have some amazing post on this coming leg of the adventure, so please go and check out my Facebook page. If you have question, let me know and I’ll answer then whenever I get internet again. I’ll be sharing everything from how to get through this hostile environment, the people and winter tips on cycling in the snow and -40 degrees temperatures.

Hope to see all of you on my page!

Cheers from Kyrgyzstan
De Bruyn

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Good luck, I was in Mongolia

Good luck, I was in Mongolia over last winter, it's very cold and there are mostly no roads, it's not known for its heavy snow but its blue skies, and it can be -30 or below much of the time in the north especially.

There are only 3 million inhabitants, 50% of these live in the capital. If you struggle there are bus services, a small and limited train line, most towns have hostels and hotels shoud you need them.

The locals seem to manage the cold well, I thought I was AOK with the cold but never really warmed up - my feet especially were always ice blocks, meanwhile they were working outdoors with no gloves on fixing the broken suspension system and wheel on the hire 4X4 for hours on end. I have no idea how.

You will receive hospitality, be sure to carry vodka as this smooths any introduction locally!

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