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Sundays on Bike

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Sundays on Bike

Hello!! im form Mexico City and here every Sunday from 8am to 2pm the government closes main avenues to cars, for people to run and cycle on it... This is surrounded by some recreation activities to encourage exercise and healthy living. Is there something similar in your city? can you tell me which city is and what kind of activities are going on? Thank you ;)


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Re: Sundays on Bike

Here in Los Angeles, California, we have an event called Ciclavia on a Sunday every other month, where streets are closed to vehicular traffic so that those on bicycles, roller skates, skate boards and walking can travel and congregate along a route of about 6 to 10 miles, usually making a loop through a different part of the city each time the event is held. The city of Los Angeles covers a rather large territory, roughly about 30x50 miles, so there is much to explore. Ciclavia events draw quite a lot of people, some from the areas adjacent to the loop of closed streets, and many people from other neighborhoods as well. It is a great opportunity to mix and mingle with friends from different neighborhoods and meet new friends as well. The next Ciclavia event is on Sunday December 7, 2014 and for the first time will take us through South LA neighborhoods. Join us if you can!

For more information:

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Sundays on Bike

In New York where I currently live there are a few selected Saturdays during the summer where some streets are closed. There are activities (like music etc) along the routes. It is very limited compared to other cities and only for a few weekends. for more information look here:

When growing up I had the chance to see the beginning of the original "ciclovia" in Medellin, Colombia (more than 30 years ago!) and when I visit I have gotten to enjoy how huge it has become. Not only are most highways closed and turned into bike/skate/walking/running areas, there are hundreds of activities, repair areas etc. Not only they are running on weekends but also some weekday nights see more information here (in Spanish)

I also got to ride the ciclovia in Bogota one Sunday I happen to be there.

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