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Charity Bike Ride Osijek, Croatia- London, UK

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Charity Bike Ride Osijek, Croatia- London, UK

Charity Bike Ride "Tour De Thyroid"

we are contacting you in order to get your attention and support for the very important cause that we are promoting.
Our aim is to raise the worldwide awareness and to educate more people about thyroid disorders, iodine deficiency and all other health issues related to it, and importance of physical activity for each individuals health.
We are looking to raise money for charitable cause in each country we pass through on our way from Osijek, Croatia to London, UK.
In order to do so, six of us will be cycling more than 2100 km in 16 days, stopping in 17 cities throughout Europe.
Our goal is to get the support of many organizations, media, doctors and health ambassadors in each country and city in order to educate and
spread the word regarding this serious public health issue affecting huge amount of population worldwide and so many of us.
We are kindly asking you to support us on this cause and to help us down the route with accommodation,food,shower etc. and in that way help to make a real difference.
If you (or anyone you know) want to support the cause by joining us on this long bicycle ride, you can do so anywhere on our route. You can ride with us from beginning to the end or just a part of the route.
If you wish to be one of our sponsors you can contact us for details. We will be in touch with you again soon, with more details on this charitable bicycle ride. If you want to contact us in the meantime, please do so on FB , email or phone.

Big Thank you, Butterfly Team Croatia (Bioleptir Hrvatska)
Email:[email protected] [email protected]
Tel:HR +385 (0) 976 270691/ UK+44 (0) 7774761953
Facebook: Bioleptir - udruga za pomoć i potporu oboljelima od bolesti štitnjače

List of the cities on route and the dates when we are coming (early or late afternoon)
1. Osijek (HR)– 15.09.2014 2. Virovitica(HR) – 15.09.2014 3. Zagreb(HR) – 16.09.2014 4. Ljubljana(SLO) – 17.09.2014 5. Villach (A) – 18.09.2014
6. Obertauern(A) – 19.09.2014 7. Salzburg (A) – 20.09.2014 8. Munich(D) – 21.09.2014 9. Ulm(D) – 22.09.2014 10. Phorzheim (D) – 23.09.2014
11. Saarbruchen (D) – 24.09.2014 12. Luxembourg (L) – 25.09.2014 13. Charleville-Mezieres (FR) – 26.09.2014 14. Denain (FR) – 27.09.2014 15. Calais (FR) – 28.09.2014 16. Folkestone (GB) – 29.09.2014
17. London (GB) – 30.09.2014