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Riding from Passau to Vienna along the Danube trail

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Riding from Passau to Vienna along the Danube trail

Has anyone ridden along the Danube and not booked through a tour? I didn't see any Warm Showers host along the route, and from what we've read, simply renting bikes and winging it along with way is hard as the small towns have limited number of rooms for rent. We will need to rent bikes and would like to take a week along the Passau to Vienna route. If you've just rented bikes, please let us know what rental company you used.

If you have used a tour company, please let me know what you thought and how your experience.

Rose and Eric
Suttons Bay, MI

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Danube bike path

Hi Rose and Eric,
no wonder that there`s no WS. In summer the bike path is crowded with cyclists.

Made it in early spring long time ago as part of an other tour. Lot of hotels and hostels, restaurants, super markets along these route. As you like.

The problem with rented bikes is that you`ve to bring the bike back. For renting a bike you`ve to bring your passport. They`ll get it as deposit.

Just a few renting stations in Vienna. In Passau there are not so much. But it exists at the train station.

Have a lot of fun. It`s an easy trip.


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It is all easy

I rode this route in late May of this year, though the reverse direction, and the whole route is set up for folks interested in renting bikes and traveling one way.

As far as I could garner, by the multiple labels and color of rented bikes, many companies from which to rent a bike. The train between points is set up for your return trip with a bike. Though not sure, but I believe some riders with whom I spoke, rented from companies, which allowed the bike to be returned at a location in the destination city.

While the upside of a tour company is they can carry your gear, I belive independent groups offer such services, picking up your gear in the morning from your hotel, and then delivering to your next stop.

Conversely, riding with your gear allows for greater flexibility to explore and change plans.

Concerning lodging and food, as far as my period of travel, while one hotel/pension may be full, finding a room never seemed to be a serious issue (but adventure is joy when on a bike.)

Again, your routes is totally designed for cycling, anyway you wish too do it.


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Greetings from Danube valley


pedaling here is very easy.

The cycling path between Passau and Vienna is a "highway" - lucky you - so you can find easyily everything you need.

I found some sites maybe useful for you:
(bike rentals some with pickup service)


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