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After a first long trip in Asia, we (me and my boyfriend) can't stand staying at home. So, let's go for another trip!
In september, we will discover Africa by bike from France to South Africa (or maybe more!)
I hope that we will meet a lot of people on the road and I want to share this wonderful experiment with the WS communauty and you!

Our website (at this time in french) :
The list of countries where we are thinking of going: France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Burkina-Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Cameroun, Gabon, Congo, Angola (if we are lucky at the visa games!), Namibia, South Africa...and then? Let's see what will happen!

If you are on the same road,
If you want to meet us,
If you can host us,
If you have some contacts in Africa,
If you have some advices,
Or if you just want to support us,
Contact us!
With love

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welcome to west africa

well for that of me i can join you people if like you will be coming to west africa,like Senegal and the Gambia...i am a cyclist here in the Gambia and i organize tour on bike with the tourist coming from Europe...i am salieu jammeh by the all welcome and i will offer you all what you want....cycling is emotion and the desire of every human being to proof him self.....warmly welcome my dearest cyclist

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thank you very much for your

thank you very much for your warm message. I would not fail to contact you when we will be in West Africa!

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my cycling philosophy

cycling is emotion.The desire of every human-being to proof him self.Its a battle ,a man to mam fight where suffering is synonymous with perseverance and passion.Therefore has a sweeter taste than honey.Cycling is especially battle against yourself.Against the element of nature ,the opponent circumstances and the own physical shortcoming.Cycling is mainly learning how to lose over and over again to face that battle.To become resurrected as a newborn man,knowing how to cross his boundaries

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Bonjour! My girlfriend and I are about to start a journey exactly the same as you! From France to Morocco, and then if we are still having a good time we will continue to Ghana, and maybe further.

Would be great to meet up at some point, we are getting a ferry from England to Dieppe on the 25th or 26th of August, then heading down France via ( I think ) Le Mans, La Rouchelle, Bordeaux, Toulouse, then on to Barcelona.

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks, Zak and Alice

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Bonjour! It will be a

Bonjour! It will be a pleasure to meet you!
I think that we will leave a little bit later than you (around the 15th of september) but probably from! According to the wind, your speed, our speed...this meeting is possible.
We will keep in touch.
Thanks for your message,

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Message me if you guys arrive

Message me if you guys arrive in Cotonou,Benin.

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