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Pitched in and helped

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Pitched in and helped

About 3 weeks ago Benny contacted me asking if I could host him and his 2 friends while they pedaled from Pittsburgh to Chicago
for this past Weds eve. Of course i agreed, and Benny and I exchanged a few emails working out the details
Mid afternoon Benny called to confirm their arrival time which is great it would work out just as I got home from work.
I left work and just a quarter mile from home encountered the top of a tree laying across the road. The limb looked small
enough that driving over it would not be a problem. WRONG, i got the front tires across and then got stuck.
I walked home and came back with a bow saw, by the time I got back the neighbor was out with his chainsaw cutting up the tree
to clear the road. We worked at it but the car was still hung up. The neighbor went to get his tractor when Benny , Scott ,and Shawn
pedaled up just on time. I introduced myself as their host, told them to pedal on down and make themselves at home.
I would be there once the neighbor pulled me off the limb. They did pedal on to my house, put their bikes in
the carport and walked on back up the road and pitched in to help clear the road. when I kidded them about not anticipating
being road crew as part of their trip, Benny said " we expect the unexpected while pedaling" Good way to travel.

Earlier they had taken refuge in some woman's garage to ride out the sudden wind storm that had downed the tree.
She had no idea she would play host to three storm threatened riders when she got up that morning. But she was glad
she too could help.

Just shows warmshower members bring out their best and the best in others when they cycle.
Thanks guys for pitching in and helping.

Pedal safe