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La Route Verte - The Green Route - Quebec

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La Route Verte - The Green Route - Quebec


Does anyone have an english copy of "The Green Route" that they would be willing to part with. We are trying to plan a trip through Quebec and were hoping to use this book, but it is no longer in print.


Ted Shwartz
Dartmouth, MA

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above is the link to their website. print the maps you need. Accomodations, tourist info, bike shop listings are all in english and french

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RouteVerte Travel information.


The RouteVerte information website isint the best place you can find info.

If you want a brochure with all the info and camping,hotels and food.

You can call BonjourQuebec:1 877 BONJOUR and ask for the brochure of the laurentides and the RouteVerte

It all free !

Have fun !

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Tourisme Québec

I think it was really hard to update that publication. However, tourist information in Quebec is so well organized, that there are usually kiosks in most of the towns along the route. Each region has a free standard guide that lists all the current atractions and accomodations including rates. That information is also available at

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I had the same question
My advice would be don't be too concerned the book is in French. I contacted Velo Quebec and ended up ordering a copy of the French version of the book. I was advised by Velo Quebec staff that the French version would be of value and it was. The maps are accurate and basically all you need. I used the accommodation guide as well. My route in September, 2005 was Montreal - Quebec City via Rte 138, then Danville - Sherbrooke - Granby - Montreal. The only problem I had navigating was the St Jean sur Richelieu - Montreal section. Quite poorly marked.
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Go on
Hi, We are a Quebec cyclist couple with an 18month kid. Don't hesite...with ou without guide comme visite Quebec with Route Verte.If you have any needs, contact me. We are willing to welcome you in Baie-St-Paul (North of Quebec city). Our home is in a hilly part of Quebec with 2 national parks close. Don't hesitate. anniejean at Baie-Saint-Paul
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Route Verte Guide
You may want to try at Ulysses travel book stores in Montréal.


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If you are referring to the

If you are referring to the book of Miller, then there is available in

from Hailey of
Tongkat Ali

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