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Hosting a large group

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Hosting a large group

Hello everyone, I've been a WS host for a little over a year.

In general, it's been a great thing for me, meeting so many people from different parts of the world.

The most recent hosting experience was the most interesting. I was contacted about hosting a group of cyclists who make an annual trek from Austin, TX to Monterrey, MX to donate bikes. The group is "Bikes across Borders", read a little about them here:

Since I live in the country on acrerage I decided I could host over 20 cyclists, although my friends thought I was crazy. I asked a friend to stay over just for help with logistics. When speaking with the group leader I gave him my rules of the house and everyone in the group complied. Most of the cyclists pitched their tent and slept outside but a few slept indoors because I have room.

I offered to let them use my kitchen for dinner. Well it turned into a busy and fun evening. They offered me the excellent variety of food they cooked and I ate to my hearts content. After dinner they cleaned up and helped out with everything. Then plans were discussed for leaving in the morning and meeting up with other cycling groups. I was able to ride with them the next day and had a great time.

Would I do it again! Yes, if I could....maybe next year they will stop by again as they are done this time around. One of these days I want to make the trek with them.

The group consisted of riders from all over the USA, England, New Zealand and Australia. The picture is the group with some other local riders who joined in. I'm in the back row with yellow jersey (taller person).


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Nice to read about your

Nice to read about your experience with the big group!
Unfortunately I've not the space to do the same if I've been asked;-)
Wish you more of this kind of experiences.


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Very cool! That's quite a

Very cool! That's quite a group. Glad to hear that you all made a good time together and I hope you get to go with them in the future... I sure would!

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